Vitamins for Health ~~ Vitamin Infusion

2017 Vitamins for Health Journey Update!!!!

Just received my bottle of Mineral Rich made by the company Maximum Living!!  Mineral Rich is marketed as a Vitamin Supplement/Energy Drink. I found out about Mineral Rich from the below Naturalista YouTuber.  Hopefully my hair will also grow faster and longer which would be a great addition to also getting more energy.







Taking more control of my physical health. In order to get better and be better I’ve got to do better. Complaining does not help. Whining is useless. Action is needed. Thus I’m going on a Vitamin regime. I think that some of my tiredness and exhaustion may come from not getting enough vitamins.  I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired!!  Tired of cancelling fun times, parties and events with friends because of being exhausted!!  I’m only in my 50s and I don’t want to feel like I’m in my 70s or 80s!!

I’m been shoring up my finances with as much overtime as humanly possible and I’m going to treat myself to a type of Vitamin Spa. One of the many great things about New York City is that everything is available to keep you healthy and strong. All types of options. Some are not covered by insurance. Some are a bit expensive but with careful saving one can make use of the many holistic options New York City offers.

I will consult my medical doctor in terms of Vitamin B injections and what other holistic means I can employ to be healthier. Props to all my Doctors at Roosevelt Hospital!
I think an extra dose of B Vitamins, my Ensure drinks, and Moringa Bitters I expect to see some changes by the end of October start of November.  Moringa Bitters are sold in many Caribbean and African owned stores in New York. Yes it does taste bitter but so did the Cod Liver Oil my Dad used to make us take when we were kids!!  LOL!!
Investing in myself for a Better Me!!

6 thoughts on “Vitamins for Health ~~ Vitamin Infusion

    1. I do that too sometimes. A bit tangy and tart. Women has some unique health concerns that men will never have to worry about. I’m addressing my needs as a 50+ woman. Naturally I cannot go back to the way I was 20 or 30 years ago but being old and decrepit before my time is not an option for me. Yes I’m doing for me but also for Stephen. After all he depends on me and all we have is each other.

      As for returning library books every New York City Library is computerized so if you have not returned your books or you owe them a fee they will not allow you to take out any more books. Mr. Dewey Decimal has gone by the wayside!! LOL!!

  1. I received a few Vitamin B injections last year when I was diagnosed with severe anemia. Maybe I expected too much, but those shots did nothing for me, DeBorah. Curious to see how they do for you. Glad you are taking care of you!

    1. Once again Thanks for reading my blog posts. I ran out of the Moringa which grows in Africa, the Caribbean (the West Indies), and South America. As my Late Aunt Helen used to say what grows out of the ground, from the earth is what God meant to be our medicines and natural healers. Aunt Helen lived to be 89 so I’m certain there was truth to her sayings. This upcoming Saturday I’m having my first Vitamin Infusion Therapy. The medical professionals hook you up to an Vitamin IV and I will be getting a Vitamin B 12 shot. I’m an old hand at IVs as far as hospitals and E.R.’s are concerned but I’d rather voluntarily do a Vitamin Infusion treatment than to be in another hospital E.R.

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