The Good, the bad and Reality Check


The Good, the bad and Reality Check

Yesterday I received my Marymount Manhattan College 2017 Reunion Weekend reminder invitation for the Class of 2002! 🙂 Can’t believe 15 years have passed so quickly since my graduation!! Wow!! Time is really moving at a fast pace!!

The Following is an email form my brother Stephen. This really made my day and brought me tears of Joy as I’ve had a particularly horrendous work week. No sooner than I get back to work from my Lovely vacation than a co-worker who has it in for me is filing accusations against me and 3 other co-workers charging us with harassment and physically pushing her. Of course it’s not true but my workplace which is already horrible is about to get 1000 times worse.  Job = Hell + Dante’s Inferno.  But again there is nothing I can do.  Because this person’s life is all screwed up she is doing her best to make the rest of us miserable.

Stephen’s words gave me the pick me up and happiness I need to go on in Life. At least I know Stephen Loves me if nobody else does. My brother Stephen is such an Amazing Autism Guy!!

Stephen’s Awesome Email Message!!!

“Hi sister how are you doing today . I had a good day at program today , I draw and colored with my peers, I also helped with the paper work in the class room . After i went to lunch, it was good i really enjoyed lunch time with my friends. I wanted to know if you still have the drawing of the picture i made.”

Sent my reply to Stephen right away and perhaps when he returns to program I will receive an answer sometime next week.  I have no idea what picture Stephen is talking about but I asked him to make several more pictures for me and I will add them to our ongoing photo/picture collage project.

Real Life Reality Check

As for the Stephen’s clothing situation which I discussed in previous emails I spoke with the Director of his Group Home Residence while I was on vacation. He said he would email me an inventory of all Stephen’s belongings.  Well a week has passed since I returned to work from my vacation and no inventory.  Since I don’t drive and can’t afford a cab or taxi to get over there I suppose I will never find out what exactly is going on.

I did contact other agencies that are supposed to oversee and/or monitor group homes but they told me that there was nothing they could do and had no wish to become involved in our case.  I’m not supposed to make or take personal calls on my job plus I think my phone is about to be cut-off because I don’t have money to pay the bill.

Before T-Mobile disconnects me I must get in touch with the Veteran’s Administration. The V.A. did call me back this past week but by the time I get home they are closed. I also received some type of VA health care card in the mail so I guess that’s a form of progress. Next goal is to set up an appointment with the local V.A. health care facility to see if they can help me with my medical problems.

I suppose this is one of those Life’s Lessons where one has to admit defeat. I finally had to admit to myself I can no longer fulfill many of my responsibilities. It’s physically impossible for me to hold down a full-time job which requires me to work very long hours, keep up with what’s going on in Stephen’s Residence plus attempt to take care of myself.

I’m not a machine with replaceable parts or a robot who can just plow through obstacles. I’m a human being whose body has begun to betray me.  The aging process is no joke!

In the back of my mind I knew I was failing but did not want to admit it. As humans we Love to Lie to Ourselves that we are powerful, strong, capable and ready to take on any challenge. Well that’s not always the case. When I was younger, with a flexible well paying job and in better health yeah I could do whatever I set my mind to.  Recently over these past few months reality slapped me upside my head and reminded me of all my numerous failures.  However I know in my heart, soul and mind I did the best I could but sometimes one’s best is not good enough.

Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. Lots of times Life Sucks. This is one of those times.



12 thoughts on “The Good, the bad and Reality Check

  1. Ugh…co-workers from hell! I recall those that I have with not-so-fond memories. I think that you’re correct: their lives are miserable and they want to make others as miserable as they are. Instead of making the work environment pleasant, they do their damnedest to crap on everyone else!

    1. Most of my co-workers are wonderful, excellent fun people to work with but there is always that 2% that drive you right up the wall. I believe people like that are sociopaths and narcissists. They have all the characteristic of being Self-Center with No empathy or sympathy for others. Everything they do is to bring attention to themselves by making themselves the “Victim.” However this particular woman is known for being crazy and unstable so I doubt anything will come of the charges.

      1. That’s a shame…the unstable ones seem to always have the ability to manipulate others – instead of being shown the door, they are given promotions! It’s amazing…

      2. She’s a security guard just like the rest of us. No promotions for her. However management can’t get rid of her unless she threatens another employee. She is in her 60s so they are just waiting for her to retire. The Union protects her just like all Union staff. Plus she will use her disabilities to cry discrimination. She’s had two hip replacements, one Knee replacements and has more screws in her ankles and legs than the Bride of Frankenstein. LOL!!

      3. Oh, the protected Union employee! That makes sense…not that Unions are bad, but some of them do protect those that shouldn’t be employed.

        Reminds me of a former co-worker who had similar protection: she was prone to seizures, yet still allowed to use the company vehicles. She only typed 20 wpm, even though we were in a fast-paced environment which used heavy data entry – and most of the time, she would just sit and talk with one of the managers…all day long…it was appalling.
        Bride of Frankenstein – I’m betting she sets off many metal-detectors, LMAO!

      4. I suppose if she traveled anywhere she would set off metal detectors but she doesn’t. Actually she is well past retirement age because Union staff can retire sooner than the non-union staff. She started at the workplace right out of high school so she has the Retirement points. She had the required number of points years ago but refuses to leave. She just another bitter, lonely middle-aged woman who has aged badly with no friends and even her sisters don’t speak to her. Often older women without a man act out. They target the younger women, which she does, pick fights in the locker room, she does that also and because of their own failures and inadequacies put the blame for their sorry lives on everyone but themselves. However the managers will have the last word since she is always “Crying Wolf.” They can Force you to retire if need be. Like the old expression says, Give’em enough rope and they’ll hang themselves.

      5. Wow…just – wow! She reminds me of another former co-worker (at a non-union office) who used to baby-sit for one of the managers. She started working at the office fresh out of high school and got promoted to office manager immediately. I started worked there after she’d been demoted and placed in the construction administration department (read: a position was ‘created’ for her) – her bitterness was palpable! She was close to me in age (early 30s at the time), but sour and bitter beyond her years…I wonder if she still works at the place, but have never had any inclination to find out. I keep thinking that she had some personal dirt on the manager in question, and held it over his head as leverage!

  2. I had thought about you a coupled of times this week
    How you can’t do what you need to or want to
    My heart goes out to you
    You know I know
    Prayers and blessings
    As always Sheldon

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