That’s Miz Bitch to you!!


This is a Grown Folks Post!!

That’s Miz Bitch to you!!


Reclaim the Name!!

Having been called the B-Word most of my adult life by men and some women who were angered by my lack of submissiveness I’ve come to own the being a Bitch. Takes away the sting. Let’s them revel in their own insecurities.  Walking away with a smile on my face.

Used to be. Not anymore.

Used to date a guy who felt that I needed “enhancements.”  You know. Fixin’ up. Like I’m an old derelict car on “Pimp My Ride.”  WTF!! Like there was something wrong with the way I looked. I guess there was to him.

Since I don’t like being told what to do, say or wear eventually I told him to Fuck off!! He did not take this well but his feelings meant nothing to me.  Got tired of being judged and analyzed as though I was a science experiment. A project instead of a person.
I do color my hair but for me because I don’t look good in gray hair. Everything I do now is for me. My pleasure. CAN’T stand makeup or as some of my men friends call it war paint. Didn’t like the crap when I was younger and certainly not now.

I’m almost 60 years old and makeup on 50+ women makes one look like a clown. If you’re skin is prone to wrinkling the only thing that makeup will do is sink down into the crevices and make you look like cracked plaster!

Lipstick alone will do for me. As well as having a pedicure every two weeks and maybe a monthly manicure. Since my job requires me to stand on my feet on hard floors for long hours feet maintenance is a must!!  However those fake 5 inch long eyelashes, make-up, bone straight hair weaves and most cosmetic counters only serve to create women who resemble kabuki masks, Morticia Addams of the Addams family coupled with the mechanical spouses of the Stepford Wives movie.

Stepping into Myself

The ability to be myself is one of the reasons I enjoyed hanging with my room-mates gay male friends. No competition. No sexual tension. They are not after “that thing.”  Acceptance. They are open-minded, have a great sense of humor, blunt and most of the time without pretense.

I know what it means to be is misfit, outcast and a pariah. Yet I’ve come to embrace the positive side of the labels because I’m more comfortable not fitting in.

I don’t have to be something I’m not but on the other hand I can be any persona I wish.


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6 thoughts on “That’s Miz Bitch to you!!

    1. I forgot to mention – I used to have a t-shirt which read:

      B eautiful
      I ntelligent
      T alented
      C harming
      H eadstrong

      So, I can relate! Reclaim it and own it…that’s what we do!

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