We too old for Bullshit

Thanks to Facebook and Instagram for these great Memes.

I remove Toxic People from my Space including this Blog with no warning. But first I give you something to think about.

Online bullies don’t faze me. I’m not here to gain numbers or win popularity contests. If you like this Blog it’s all good. If you don’t like my Blog it’s still All Good. No sweat off my nose because I’m not looking for approval or validation

Blogs are like TV shows, if you don’t like the program, Change the Channel.

Invading my Blog with snarky condescending cryptic comments will not be tolerated. Stop thinking that I’m going to forgive your nonsense, make nice or sing Kumbaya.

I’m not your Friend. People use the word Friendship very loosely nowadays.

Stop Passing judgment on people you don’t know and have never met in person. Assuming makes an Ass of you Not me.

I Place no value on your words.

We grown folks. Or supposed to be.

Grow up and get a Life.

Drops Mike. Leaves room.