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A New Monthly Challenge:Times Past

Baby Boomers

Boom Generation/Hippie 1946 -1964 Space Exploration/ first counter culture

I’ll revise the writing prompt to Eating out with Dad.  My Mom Mable Elizabeth Palmer cooked so we rarely ate out. Too expensive.  My earliest memories of eating out with my Dad Edward G. Palmer was our weekend forays into the city (Manhattan) I grew up in St. Albans, Queens, New York. Daddy took me to a restaurant called the Automat, where you’d put your money usually a quarter into these vending machines and get yourself sandwiches, desserts, snacks, drinks etc…  I remember if one of us having to watch the table if the other got up because if you left your food unattended either the Automat workers would take it or the homeless. I just loved those vending machines and making my selection.

Here is more information on this old-time New York eating tradition.



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  1. Thank you Deborah for a look into a type of restaurant that I don’t think made its way to Australia. Your description was great but my idea of a vending machine was quite different to the reality that your link showed me. Just amazing. I am adding your post URL to mine. Great to have you join in.

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