Banded Birdsong

Banded Birdsong

Sitting on the back porch drinking wine. Toasting Jeremiah Bullfrog. Feeling so fine. Off in the distant backwoods tramp stolen miscarriages of justice……………

Dragging placenta smeared afterbirth like an eerie fairy tale that whispers more than words.

Sorry, Wrong Number (1/9) Movie CLIP – Overhearing the Murder Plot (1948) HD

“Wrong target please.”  “Please redirect.” Recalculating. Calibrating new roads for grinning transcripts measuring obsolete eccentric interpretations.

“Redirect. Pick up the phone. Redirect. Pick up the phone. Redirect. Somebody please pick up the damn phone.”

Ring. Ring. Ring.

Don’t hang up. Don’t hang up.

The Matrix – Phone Time

Slam booth shut while I’m being absorbed into the receiver.

Phone chatter.




Sorry, Wrong Number (9/9) Movie CLIP – I Want You to Scream (1948) HD


Dust and debris reign down upon the sandbox. Rigor mortis bones crack down to the marrow. Waking sirens mourning stench.

Repopulate the database before the line goes dead. Super Id Ego Launch.

I poured my hand into the gaping hole beneath his rib cage.

Keep your eyes where my hands can see!!