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This week Awesome Stories brings you immigrants giving back, Anam Cara, buildings for tomorrow, beautiful places and graceful aging.

Immigrants Giving BackSt. Jude Hospital, Awesome Stories

The story of St. Jude Research Hospital is a touching one. Originally founded by Danny Thomas as a way to give back and express his gratitude for the opportunities afforded Arab and Lebanese immigrants in this country. To this day all the services provided by St. Judes are provided free of charge to families and the children who are patients. The hospital is supported by the dedicated efforts of the American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities (ALSAC) which was founded strictly to be the fundraising arm of St. Jude. So it’s an interesting story of how an Arab family was welcomed into the US, made good and decided to give back by creating a hospital dedicated to helping reduce childhood disease. In case you didn’t know like I didn’t…

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    1. All Thanks and Blessings to you Brad!! Love the story about Danny Thomas. Very timely in light of what’s going on today. A clear bright light burning through bigotry, prejudice and racism!! God’s Grace!

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