African Phoenix aka The Nubian Ninja

Think the song Fantastic Voyage by Lakeside

Roaming Urban Gypsy

The African Phoenix aka The Nubian Ninja shall return to the Land of Her Ancestors. Cutting through the dense foliage She enters the Drumship knowing that her mission on earth is complete. Seated comfortably She adjusts Her Crown ready to be received by Her People.

Drumship Commence the Long Walk Home!

Arise Drumship! Arise!

Lakeside Fantastic Voyage

The enemy watches and waits.

Grinding its fang filled maw grunting.

She will return! The Nubian Ninja forgets that this world operates on phantom time.

She shall return. She shall return. Chirupped Phantasm Guidestone. Return from phantom time.

“For She is a Nomadic Woman by Nature. “

She will return. She will Land her Drumship among the Sacred Golden Stones. The African Phoenix shall return.

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Kosmic Interstellar Space Baubles

Thurl was a bright Brilliant sparkly girl but an unusual girl who morphed into an even more unique unusual woman.

A Spicy Feral Octogon living that Stealth Life

A woman whose Memory kept falling out all over the ground floor spilling like a fast moving river underneath the closed green door.

Thurl gathered Her nerves carefully packing them up inside a Lime green Holdel bag. Pushing a few items to one side She even found space for mirrors reflections and toasted Dreams.

Carrying it outside burying it under an equally Lime Green Tree. Creating a Discovery Timeline Capsules.

Patting down smoothing the earth in a different direction She knew that crystal green eyed hazel Honey skinned Zohar would rise again. In the meantime She decided to let his untamed havoc rest. For She knew that in a few weeks that there would be a familiar face among the Leaves.

Zohar his being a mixture of Holy Water and Fire water.

Hit with the back buckle of the Bible belt. Only the Quiet ones are Left.

After pouring Libations She concluded Snapping her fingers She disappears.

Thurl the Gurl went Home in Style.

May The Choir Never Cease Singing

The Land of Yesterday Yesteryear became a Raging force strongholds more powerful than any hurricane, tornado or scirocco. Then everything went sideways and upside down.

Old World Images

New World Sculptures

Lost in Space yet Found on Earth

Rosie from The Jetsons

R2D2 and C3PO

Wall-E and a bit of Steampunk Courtesy of The Students, Alumni and Professors at The Fashion Institute of Technology

The Boxer

Here we were in the great Outdoors singing improvised Coastal Sea Shanties. Remember the Past for it Contains Future’s Seeds.

An Elfin Fairy Moongazer.

Ignore it. Ignore the internal Primate Music. Chatterbox Chatter.