Surreal Deal Artworks

All my paintings and collages, Except my Witness Trees series which is in progress, are available on Etsy and I’m also offering the option of buying my artwork on a sliding scale prices of between $150 – $550 so that every one has the opportunity to purchase.

Here are some of my favorite artworks.

My kitchen has now become a mini museum gallery. Thanks go out to my housemate Marc B who curates my paintings. He’s got skills!

You can make your purchase through my PayPal account–

7 thoughts on “Surreal Deal Artworks

  1. I really love the vivid colors in all your paintings. You’re really talented!!
    Just a small question – I don’t see any Etsy link in your post. Have you put it in this post? I think it would be really helpful if you put your Etsy shop link so we can easily go to your etsy shop through that link. All the very best and looking forward to more paintings!

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