AweSome AweTism Adventures Art Project



Stephen's finished Photo Picture Collage
Stephen’s finished Photo Picture Collage


Stephen's Collage in Progress
Stephen’s Picture Collage in Progress



AweSome AweTism Adventures Art Project



Where I’ve been and Where I’m Going

August 16th after ten years of service I retired from the museum.

I’ve had the privilege to be surrounded by beautiful lovely wonderful art on a daily basis as well as excellent co-workers who are artists. Being around gifted and talented people stimulated me to start creating my own artworks of Mixed Media Collages and eventually acrylic paintings. This gave me the opportunity to participate and exhibit in several exhibitions.

Some of my paintings and collages:

Now that I’m retired I’ve decided to devote even more focus and determination towards my artwork. Back in April I opened my Etsy Shop.

I’ve also identified a building on Fulton Street near Rockaway Avenue as a potential Art Gallery.


There are many artists in my neighborhood but perhaps they don’t have a place to exhibit and sell their art. I want to change that. Manhattan does not have a monopoly on art galleries.

Brownsville/Bed-Stuy has been classified as working class and of course the neighborhood has it’s share of Homeless Shelters, halfway houses and folks receiving government assistance. Poverty does not have to be an obstacle. If the people here especially the young people have an art center where they can come to create and display their artwork it will not just change the neighborhood but will change their world. Creation gives you a purpose and an element of control over their lives. Here is a clip from the documentary Humble Beauty “Skid Row Artists”

Art Activism

In order to make this happen I’m asking for a donation of $125 or whatever you can afford

This will help me build my base. My foundation. So that I may be a credit and a help to my neighborhood and expand my program to Queens. My future plans are to extend my program to Ghana where a young Ghanaian woman operates a Center for Children and Adults with Autism.


Art Autism and Activism

I’m especially interested in returning art to adults with Autism because my brother Stephen Palmer has Autism. His training Center AABR located in Jamaica, Queens, NY had to lay off the Art Teacher due to budget cuts. AABR has the space. The classroom is available but no Art Teacher. I want to fix that by giving Adults with developmentally disabilities the opportunity to explore their creative abilities.

Below is an example of some art Stephen has created. Once of his favorite artists and influences is Basquiat. Stephen created the photo picture collage at my house during a home visit. I’m determined that Stephen should and must have art in his life therefore when we spend time together we often got to the Brooklyn Museum as well as other New York City area museums. I keep art supplies in my home so Stephen can create to his hearts content. However Stephen’s friends at AABR may not be fortunate to have family or friends to give them an art opportunity. Therefore I intend to rectify this situation.



Stephen Palmer painting


My desire is that you will be able to make an investment not just in me but in folks who don’t have a voice to give them a voice through art.

Thank you.

DeBorah Ann Palmer



You may contribute via PayPal using my email address:




Pinky: “Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?”

The Brain: “The same thing we do every night, Pinky—try to take over the world!”





Art and Writing Studio Dreams

Painting Studio Dreams

I’ve been able to complete several abstract paintings in the last few months. I am really enjoying expressing my creativity through creating collages and abstract painting. I’ve been thinking about asking God for my own art studio in order to have more space in which to create. The paintings are beginning to pile up around the house! LOL!! The kitchen is now a mini museum gallery!

If having my own Art/Collaging/Writing Studio is God’s Will I would Love for the studio to be located in Brooklyn or Queens, Near transporation, ie the Subway. That it be Large, airy, filled with Natural Sunlight; on the ground level for easy access; along with adjacent spacious Living quarters for myself and for Stephen’s visits. That way both Stephen and I could explore our artistic gifts and talents.

I have no idea if this desire is God’s will but I would welcome having my own art studio/living space. This would be a Dream come true! So fantastic and fabulous!

Oh Yes, There is a good possibility that I will be able to have my own personal art show next year Spring 2019. Two of my wonderful most excellent museum co-workers have explained to me what all I need do is apply in October this year and fill out the application. These two Ladies are a real Blessing!

As of August 16th I will be officially Retired from the museum!


This building was supposed to become a local neighborhood art gallery. There was one event pictured below from the summer of 2016.

The young man is handsome. If I was only 30 years younger. Dark chocolate. Delicious. Lol! But I digress.

These were some other avant garde artworks that never really got the chance to be shown to the public.

These are photos that I took today which show the current state of the building. There are apartments above the art gallery and a bodega on the corner.

Even though I’m not rich and I’m retiring on August 16th I wish that I had the money to buy this building and turn it into an art gallery for artists of color who tend to be neglected in the art world.



Pinky: “Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?”
The Brain: “The same thing we do every night, Pinky—try to take over the world!”