Cancelled All My Doctors Appointments


Cancelled both my doctor’s appointments for tomorrow. Breathing a sigh of relief. Rescheduled one but since my work schedule is crazy I might not get there in May either.  My other set of doctors whom I had went to for years moved further away so I have no way to get there. I’m not about to spend two hours traveling from Brooklyn to Manhattan just to see doctors who can never figure out what’s wrong with me nor are there any treatment plans.  I’ve been deserted and abandoned by my doctors.  For those of you asking why I don’t go to the V.A. Hospital since I’m a Veteran well my disabilities are not service related nor was I a Combat Veteran therefore I don’t qualify for treatment.

Well Good Riddance docs.  I won’t be searching for any doctors anytime soon.  I’ve had some pretty negative experiences over the years and winding up in the hospital was like being in a house of horrors. I figure if something really bad happens to me there is always Urgent Care.

I guess you can figure out that I don’t like or trust the medical profession.  Between 2008 and 2015 I was in and out of various New York City E.R.s (Emergency Rooms). The last hospital I was in was the gateway to hell.  I’ve undergone all types of tests.  I’ve been admitted to the hospital with no results. Truthfully even though none of the doctors or nurses would admit it in reality there was nothing they could do for me except give me more drugs.

Finally in 2016 I decided to stop going to the doctor except in the case of extreme pain like when I had headaches the entire month of October last year.   I was given pain pills.  Plus other types of pills which I refuse to take.  The medical profession is purgatory and Dante’s Inferno for me. Doctor visits are a miserable depressing experience that I would not wish on my worst enemy.

The only doctor I like is my eye doctor. Obviously maintaining what little vision I have is important to me. The goal is to keep the problems in my left eye from spreading to the right eye. That appointment had to be moved to May. I’ll go after Celebrating Stephen’s Birthday which is more important than going to yet another doctor.  Personally after numerous treatments, pills, drugs & therapies I believe doctors just like to experiment on me and now I’m tired of being a guinea pig.  Seeing the Doctor is like being in a never-ending nightmare!  No more tests!  No more being poked and prodded! No more giving away my blood!  I’m Free!









Irksome Health Care Costs

Irksome Health Care Concerns and Costs

Good visit to the gastro doctor today. Basically he wants me on I guess what is now called a Paleo diet. The very thing that most people think is good for you like veggies and fruits causes me extreme gastic distress. Guess I will never become a vegetarian. Also I must stay away from wheat and wheat based products.  And worst of All No Chocolate!! Arrgghh!!

My doctor wants me to do both an endoscopy and a colonoscopy Thursday, November 17th. I told him that it would be impossible for me to take time off.  The doctor even wrote a note which I will give to H.R. and Dispatch/Mgrs tomorrow insisting that I must have these two procedures so let’s see what happens. Getting days off especially for medical procedures is like being in a fight where your opponent has a gun and you only have a small twig with which to defend yourself. Plus I’m still trying to balance attempting to take care of my medical condition with spending time with Stephen. Gosh it seems I’ll never win. Sigh……

Oh yes my ghetto hoodrat Walgreens on Nostrand and Fulton does not have the special solution I need to drink for the test next week. Go figure!!

Sometimes when I think about all the money I spend on doctors, exams, tests, procedures, various types of shots and injections plus any other kind of medical issues I’m beginning to think that I’m making all my doctors richer than they are now!!

That’s the one thing I dislike about getting older. The older I get the more health issues I have. When I was in my teens, 20s, 30s and early 40s everything was fine. Once I turned 50 it was like a time bomb in my body was set off the disease switch turned on and everything that could go wrong went wrong. Physical chaos. And just think I never smoked, rarely drank and exercised on a regular basis!! Getting older is not for sissies! Ugh!!

It took the Lady gastro nurse two needles sticks and she was still unable to draw blood. Then the man nurse came and he got blood on the 3rd try. They must have taken at least 5 or 6 vials of my blood. Tired. Exhausted. I feel like a Vampire has drained my entire Life essence!

Got up with $80 and now down to Zero bucks. I just got a phone message from the Brooklyn Veterans Hospital for my 1:30 pm doctors appointment which obviously I will not be able to make today. Ran out of funds and none of the subways near me go straight there. I will have to move my VA appt to another day when I have both time and money.

Health care is expensive and time consuming. Yuck!!

Friday I go for my Vitamin Infusion injections which are for me an out of pocket expense Not covered by Health Insurance. Sadly in this country the good old US of A. Preventative Medicine and/or many Holistic technologies are not covered by insurance. Hmmmm…. Guess Big Pharma would have a fit if more Americans actually went to the Gym, Discounts to and for Health Food Stores, Health Spas, herbal, Natural or Holistic!!   I smell a Conspiracy!!

IRKSOME TO THE Nth DEGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Broke-Ass Broad

Ms. DeBorah goes to the Financial Services Doctor. Finance Doctor asks for DeBorah’s wallet and bank statements. After some moments of silence while examining the wallets contents and the numbers on her bank statements Dr. Finance thoughtfully and deliberately announces her diagnosis.

Ms. DeBorah I’m very sorry to tell you this but due to your repeated doctor visits and prescriptions You Now have an Advanced Case of Broke-Itis. Your only hope is either more overtime, complete & total healing or instant Retirement.

This is a photo of me at age 42 right before graduating Cum Laude from Marymount Manhattan College. I would say at age 42 I reached my Peak Performance in terms of fitness. Perfect skin, shape, Hair (my Locs went down my back to my butt) stamina and endurance. I was in Excellent Great Shape. Wish I could return to that age and that physical condition.

2002 MMC Grad


Song for the Old Me.

Survivor – Eye of the Tiger (Rocky and Apollo Training)