Prompt Stomp ~~ Super Heroes


“…I love dressing up in superhero outfits and in fact, when I dress up as Wonder Woman, I actually think that I’m more powerful…”

—Olivia Munn

Real or made up. A super hero can be anybody. The lady next door who devotes her time to the needy, our soldiers across the seas or like our heroes growing up we can write about Batman or Wonder Woman. A super hero can take many forms. Lets write about them this week!


Every Halloween my brother Stephen and I become Super Heroes. Halloween is my favorite holiday because you can not only dress in costume but it’s okay to walk around the city in that costume with your new though temporary Identity. For a long time I went with a feline theme thus I was Cat Woman channeling Eartha Kitt for several Halloweens.  As you can see I greatly enjoyed my Cat Woman and Tigeress Avatars!  Stephen won Best Costume in 2011 for his Scarecrow Costume!!  in 2013/2014 Stephen was a Sailor aka like the kid on the Cracker Jack box for those of you old enough to remember the caramel popcorn with the toy surprise. Obviously for those of you living on the East Coast of the United States Hurricane Sandy put the kibosh on Halloween that year. Some photos were taken at Stephen’s training center AABR in Jamaica, Queens, New York.

Sailor Stephen
Sailor Stephen

Stephen the Happy Sailor Stephen Sails the Seas Stephen Sails the Oceans

Sailor Stephen
Sailor Stephen
Stephen as Scarecrow
Stephen as Scarecrow
Ebony Panther
Ebony Panther

Black Panther2

Me as the Black Panther
Me as the Black Panther
Stephen as Scarecrow. Me as Cat Woman.
Stephen as Scarecrow. Me as Cat Woman.
Year of the Tiger!
Halloween 2013 ~ Year of the Tiger!!
Me channeling Cat Woman Halloween 2011
Me channeling Cat Woman Halloween 2011


My Avatar ~ Cat Woman
My Avatar ~ Cat Woman
















This past summer Stephen with his Group Home residence had visited The New York Renaissance Faire located in Tuxedo, New York. So together we decided on variations of a Renaissance Theme. I re-imagined Diana the Huntress as DeBorah the Huntress, a combination of the Hunger Games and the Goddess Diana. So I become the Goddess DeBorah acting out my incarnation as Huntress Protector of the Forest.  Stephen transformed from a Sailor into the Black Robin Hood! This is what ensued.


Stephen as Robin Hood October 30, 2015
Stephen as Robin Hood October 30, 2015

20151030_14153520151030_14152920151030_13520020151030_135148Robin Hood enjoying M&MsDeBorah the Huntress 20151031_141549 20151031_141601 20151031_141602 20151031_141607 20151031_141614 20151031_141704 20151031_141707 20151031_141709 20151031_141817 20151031_141824 20151031_141827 20151031_141831 20151031_141936 20151031_141946 20151031_142001 20151031_142005 20151031_142007 20151031_142009 20151031_142013 20151031_142038 20151031_142047 20151031_142054 20151031_142059 20151031_142107

Stephen as the Black Robin Hood!
Stephen as Robin Hood!


The Pigments on our skin separate more than blend.
Mr. ROY G. BIV refuses to mix with his teammates.

The Colors on the nations palette upend themselves turning

their backs on each other.
Using jewel encrusted spades I’m digging myself a new
space in which to be planted in order to bloom.
As I dig I hit diamonds ancestor black coal who tells
me my value.
Coal and diamonds. Each has a different value and worth.
What is mine? You answer. I obey.
I am an inmate within the institution. No longer worthy
of a human heart. I am an automaton programmed
to receive and absorb abuse, degradation, and hate.
Though the Masters have crushed my thinking heart
time and time again they have forgotten my neural cortex…
but I remember. I see. I plan my revenge. My escape.
The time has come for the slave masters to reap the
vengeance of the downtrodden.
We have taken up arms. We have hidden weapons within
our brain cells. The revolution is nigh.
Tonight we burn down the masters house and assume his rank
and position.

Diana and the Stag Maker: Joachim Friess (ca. 1579–1620, master 1610) Date: ca. 1620
Diana and the Stag
Maker: Joachim Friess (ca. 1579–1620, master 1610)
Date: ca. 1620

You have spied out my beauty with smug self assurance.

Now I shall cast you to the dogs who will tear you

limb from limb leaving only cracked bloody bones

outside the palace gates.
Tonight the tables are turned and those once drones now become Queens and Kings.
Has not the word proclaimed that Ethiopia shall rise again?
Arise my Empress. My Queen and be received to your throne once again.