Solo Walking

Solo Walking

Some have inquired as to whether my brother Stephen and I do Steps together. The answer to that question is No other than the 5K Walk we did on March 30th.

Stephen and I do not Live together. I Live in Brooklyn and Stephens residence is in a part of Queens only accessible by car. No subway trains or buses therefore I rarely see Stephen in person.

After my ocular occlusion and resulting retina issues I gave up driving over ten years ago. Nor do I have anyone willing or able to drive me to and from where Stephen resides. Plus now I have cataracts. Most of my caregiving is done by phone, texting or emailing. The residence decides as far as dropping him off to Brooklyn and picking him up. No we don’t get together on most Holidays either.

Many of my Followers and Subscribers have family members with Autism but I notice that they are married therefore having a built in Support System. As much as I would Love to spend more time with my brother Stephen currently I must settle for the few days a year that we are able to get together.

None of this is a complaint just stating facts. Please don’t ask me about my eyesight as I’m not giving out any extra information. This Blog is not a pity party.

Hopefully now more People will understand what it is to be a Solo Caregiver and a Solo Walker in life.

QCP Footsteps for Progress 5k Walk


Footsteps for Progress

Queens Centers for Progress

A Walk to Benefit People with Developmental Disabilities.

Saturday, March 30th, 2019

81-15 164th Street, Jamaica, NY 11432


My brother Stephen. My Life.

Fundraising for Queens Centers for Progress. QCP Bellerose is the Organization that cares for my brother Stephen who has Autism.
Please donate to QCP so that they may not only continue but expand programs and services for developmentally disabled children and adults. Thank you!

We are Chosen

The Red King and Queen for Halloween 2018 were Chosen to represent Queens Centers for Progress in Celebration of Halloween!

Check out our photo on Instagram.

Please support Queens Centers for Progress in their mission of providing services and programs for People with autism and other developmental disabilities.

I always put my money where my mouth is and out of my limited resources provided as many Halloween costumes as I could afford for the residents of QCP BELLEROSE in Queens where Stephen resides. I was only able to buy two or three extra Halloween costumes but I know that those residents will be filled with joy for today. Stephen has lived there since 1989. Stephen was blessed to come from a loving home but many of the residents came from institutions. Many have no family or friends to give them gifts for any holidays.

Hanukkah and Christmas will be here before you know it. Please donate money, new clothing, GAMES, or toys to organizations like Queens Centers for Progress and AABR.