Mable Elizabeth Palmer

Mable Elizabeth Palmer ~~ May 2, 1930 to August 2, 1998






She transitioned Late Night Early Dew Dawn after a Night of Prayer. The call you fear but you know that it’s on it’s way. She Expired. Not died. Not Passed Away. Not deceased.  Expired.


Outside I’m calm as a sheet of hidden ice on a dark street corner. Inside I’m Screaming.  Yelling, What do you mean She expired? What is She? A carton of sour milk? Or stale bread? Rancid fruits cast from the Vine long time laid on ground. Ignored by Gleaners and Harvesters? 

Isn’t there a better term to express this wrecked freight train of cancer that was a head on collision hurtling my Mom to another Realm? One that I cannot reach in my current corporeal form? Cancer that eats your bones and destroys your flesh with Gatling tommy gun accuracy.

Memories of Childhood came rushing back piling up one up another.

“Help me. Help Me. Help he said Before the Hunter Shoots Me Dead. Come little Rabbit Come inside. Safely will abide.”



When My Soul Flies Away in the Morning Then I Shall Be at Rest….

When one Expires does this mean you finally get to Exhale?


Exhale from pain.  Exhale from sorrow. Exhale from a web of tubes and needles threading through arteries and veins. No more Beep….Beep….Whoosh. Only a Flat Line on a Lazy screen. The Last Vestiges of soul escape quickly fleeing a broken body. Release from bonds and chains. Unshackled.


Bittersweet. She’s away from pain but also away from me.


Her Spirit hearing the Clarion Call of Salvation rushed towards Heaven in a gust of wind……


One Last Ride past Home.




Bursting Through Soil and Sand.