Wisdom of the Witness Trees

Wisdom of the Witness Trees.
Gathering African stories from across the diaspora.

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Wisdom of the Witness Trees

The African Tree Trunk Drum has the ability to morph it’s molecular shape from rigid and hard to soft and supple.

Only those deemed worthy by the African Seer Griot and the Green Goddess of Greenery and New Birth will be able to initiate the transformation.

My Grandmother Eva Sophronia Gordon Palmer stands within the Tree of Regeneration.

Green signifies pregnancy and the ability of the Tree of Regeneration to birth future Queens, Kings, Empires, Oracles, Seers, Griots, and expectant Bodhivistas.

Closeup of the Green Goddess of Greenery and New Birth/Rebirth.

Green Goddess of Greenery and New Birth-Rebirth says, Those planted shall be Reborn.

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