Left to Fail

Left to Fail

Left to Fall inside the Grave Life dug for me.

Screaming for help. Begging for assistance. She remains ignored and abandoned.

Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps yell the Memers, Life coaches and Positivity Pimps. They well knowing that you don’t even have shoes much less laces or straps for pulling. The Positivity Pimps refuse to lend a helping hand. Instead mockingly flinging useless memes and affirmations at you while you sit without sustenance at the bottom of the well.

Soon the Positivity Pimps will pour water into the well call it rope and gleefully watch you drown.

Awkward Twisting Moments in Time

Happiness Engineers take pot shots at ones immobilized being.

Welcome to the Brain Clean Sewer Service System!

Ask for rain and get drought.

Freshly pressed corpses run along the Necropolis racetrack. Carefully Controlled Decay keeps them moving.

Every day is International Panic Day.

One must regress into a Trance state for protection from incineration.

Hideous sounds penetrating fragile flesh. Birds covered in strange smelling ointment peck there way into each individual pore.

Existence is like an ill fitting suit of clothes. Clothing that no longer fits and extremely uncomfortable.


Souls wandering among the tombstones. No rest allowed. Not even rest in the Grave.


Light is a Fantasy

Light is a Fantasy

We aspire to Light but only receive Darkness.

Darkness is Truth and the truth cannot be overcome by falsehoods.

Darkness is real. Tangible. Despair the New Lifestyle.

Happiness is fleeting and rarely appears.

Whereas Darkness is everlasting. Life itself is a confused chaos. A maze where you constantly seek escape or some form of Freedom but it will never be granted you.

Always wondering where one went wrong.

A Saint trapped in Hell.

Punishment is eternal.

For the Struggle is Real and Ongoing.