Looted Ethiopian Treasures in UK could be returned on Loan

Typical European audacity

African Heritage

Ethiopia_Crown looted A crown from the Maqdala exhibition at the V&A in south-west London. (Source: V&A Museum)

I was stunned by the title of this article on the Guardian, and the preposterous thought that a country whose treasure it is, Ethiopia, would have to be loaned its own treasures which were looted by the British and taken to Great Britain. It is just so outrageous that such a thought could even be uttered! Below are snippets of the article. For the full, go to The Guardian.


Victoria and Albert Museum director says artefacts could be sent to Africa on long-term loan.

Treasures including a gold crown and a royal wedding dress, which were taken from Ethiopia by the British 150 years ago, could be returned to Africa by the Victoria and Albert Museum on long-term loan.

Téwodros_II_-_2 Emperor Tewodros II

Ethiopia lodged a formal restitution claim…

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