Do You Want Me to Cry While I Leave You Alone?




“Do you Want Me to Cry While I Leave You Alone?  I can build up or I can put down.  Now which will it be?

Beware the Corpse Queen for she’s just a gilded Mummy encrusted with Jewels.  A Gyrating Succubus waiting to entrap men’s souls.  Jeweled Skeletons harboring secret revelations Hidden behind the Altar.   She Loves beautiful rings, pendants and brooches with compartments for locks of her Lovers hair. Reliquaries to be worn and admired.

Sullied with a high tolerance for Costumery, Deciding to cover my decaying flesh with elaborate fabrics.  Now I take my constitutional along the boulevard of Weeping Willows.

Sleep becomes my typical Mourning routine.  Women in Mourning Attire gently moving lace and frills.  My Coachman was accompanied by small misshapen dancing beings atop miniature horses serving as squires to our entourage. Prayers roust their lumpen necks as the bier makes its way to a new forever home.  Leaving a gray miasma in their wake.



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“Hydrax meets Hydrangea developing plots and schemes to catch the Hydra not fooled by settled Tramps setting traps. Push them off the bier and let me pass! Charon awaits my commands. Could have sworn I overheard snickering in the background.”

Go Tell the Bees that Dan is Dead!  Let Them Spread the Honey throughout the land!  Pollinate!  Pollinate!  Drape the Hives with Black Bunting!    Let the Shroud be Worn by each and every Mourner!  Tomb Sweeping Tuesday is at hand!  Come Eat and Fly Kites with me!

Scented Blues Bloom All Alone.  Each hillside caked in Honeysuckle Heather tall Grasses meandering towards Mountain Cliff-sides

Angel Sculptures covered in Moss.