Romancing Skulls and Bones 



She is both Hell-fire and Holy Water

And the Flavor You Taste

Depends on How You Treat Her

— Sheha Pal




Dancing with Skulls and Bones


This is my birth month. If I make it to the 27th I Will be 59. When I was a little girl my mother would always either begin or end her sentences with, “If I’m living. “

I never understood why she would say this. In my mind I would say, “Why shouldn’t she be living?”

Then one day in August 1998 she wasn’t. My Mom passed away at age 68. Sadness for me but release from suffering and pain for mom.  Truly she went from labor to Reward

Last year I had made foolish plans to visit Saratoga springs in upstate New York.

Of course my plans did not pan out. My Heart was set on the impossible dream. This year I’m no longer stuck on stupid.

No plans. No expectations. No disappointments

Plus I will not be able to take vacation on my birth week. The job calls. I answer.

For a long time I’ve been fascinated with graveyards. A place where I will eventually be unless my few remaining family decide to cremate my remains. Those greedy bastards will rant, scream and rave once they find out I had nothing to leave them! Lol!


One day when I ascend to the Great Above every day will be a time of Celebration, happiness and Joy.


Now onto the Main Attraction!

I am a Messenger for the Dead

Merely a Character in some Lesser’s god’s screenplay

For I am a Derailed train. Gone off track into the Wilderness.  Seeking the Freedom that only Eternity can provide.

Let’s not get saved. Let’s drink from the sea of eternal sleep because I wanna forger all that has transpired in this fruitless life.  Release from the Life of Alien Tropes.

I walk with death every day. In My Youth he was far away. Now with each passing decade he comes closer and soon I will be in his cold embrace.  A Sprinkle of Birds and then into the ether.

This life we value so deeply is only a Merry Go Round consisting of grabbing an elusive brass ring.


To Celebrate Death is to know your end

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