I write like H.G.Wells?

Meant to ReBlog this on Tuesday but Let’s get some Laughs for Thursday. I put in two separate sets of writing and the first one said I write like James Joyce. The 2nd writing piece said I write Like Anne Rice. Since I am a Big Anne Rice fan I got a big kick out of this. Been giggling and chuckling for days…….. 🙂 😀

Meeka's Mind

I’m normally a skeptic when it comes to apps that purport to analyse this, that or the other but…this tool is spot on. It’s spooky how accurate it is…

Okay so ‘what’ is it?

‘It’ is an online app that analyses your writing based on a sample that you cut and paste onto the webiste. This is the sample I used from the Prologue of Vokhtah [and yes, I rewrote it some time ago to make it less drawn-out-prologue and more succinct intro.].

‘Tohoh was always a desperate time of year. The shimmering heat of the dry season tested every living thing on the planet, but with the red sun drawing ever closer, the winnowing of the weakest was accelerating.

Out on the plains, the scorched grass trembled in the heat haze, and the heavy seed heads hung limp on brittle stalks. Nothing moved, not even the herds of hungry…

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