The New Paradigm

Every day that the weather is clear and good I will be at work. Only making an exception for a very close friend’s Birthday Celebration September 23rd and Of course for spending time with Stephen on Halloween.

It is more than clearing up debts and bills it is vital to just basic survival. My room-mate spoke with the Landlord and our rent will not go up for 2017 but wait until 2018 then a big increase. The transit fares go up, food costs go up therefore I cannot deviate from the plan. Unless you are part of the rich, wealthy elite this is the new life style. I must and will follow the plan until I can retire.

Laziness and taking time off equals poverty.  She/he who does not work shall not eat. Many of my immigrant co-workers work Seven Yes 7 days a week otherwise you cannot afford to live in New York City. Now if I had a job making even $60,000 per year sure I could live a life of leisure but until my income increases I will be doing the six day thing for several months.  I feel like a drone worker bee robot who is an ATM for bill collectors.

Like the Born I’ve been assimilated into the collective.

Me and the Borg in my old office job
Me and the Borg at my old office job where I made more money and had a better life.


14 thoughts on “EAT, SLEEP, PRAY, SHOWER, WORK, REPEAT……..

  1. First I love that ATM, great street art. I understand where you’re coming from, many of us have become part of the collective. I miss my job as well where I made more money and was happy, but I traded my old life for one of adventure. I always look on the up side of life, call me a dreamer, call me a nieve stupid fool. But I’ve been poor most of my life, no I’m not rich but I not where I used to be. Like my grandmother always used to tell us, when you’ve hit rock bottom the only place else to go is UP!! And I still believe that, keep your chin up, things will get better. And you have dear sweet Stephen who I believe is the light in your darkness. xxx Wishing you a peaceful weekend.

    1. I rarely see my brother Stephen. If I don’t have money obviously I cannot see him. This is my reality. I’ve been at rock bottom for over ten years so I no longer see the “Getting Better.” As for the weekend I work. I also work on holidays. No breaks. Life is Sacrifice and Struggle Unless you are a millionaire or Billionaire. Fun time equals poverty. This is my life. No false dreams or fake hopes.

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  3. I totally get it! However, I’m learning to be more optimistic and that when you shift your mindset you are able to tap into possibilities you never thought you’d be able to access. Hang in there and press on! Wishing you blessings and abundance in this new season!🙌🏽🌍👣🌴

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