Ode to My African Goddess




Oh Goddess of WonderS

Orisha Oshun

My Sovereign Lady

Mother Goddess first in Line Birthing All Others

Whose Arrival in Our Lives signals New Seasons of

Nuturing Grace

Revealing Your Presence through budding flowers and Mother Natures Sweet Blooms

In You Comes Our Reason for Being

The Goddess Plan

Returning to My Yoruba Soul Roots

We take Our Desired Place within New Seasons

Goddess of the Sweet Waters Verdant Forests and

Abundant Gardens

May Your Anointing Rule in Our Lives

Praise to the Goddess

I am Leaves

I am Roots

I am Sun

I am Sky

I am TreeS

Mother Africa is Calling Me Her Displaced Child to Return Home

Ibeyi – River




4 thoughts on “Ode to My African Goddess

    1. Thanks! The snow is still melting but as of yesterday Friday the temps are gradually rising. Hopefully Mother/Sister Spring|Summer will smack the living daylights out of old man winter. Happy Weekend! ❤

      1. Many Thanks. I’ve been told I have a way with words. The poem itself is an expression:

        Deliberate turn around most male/men based religions on their ear. Masculine control religions illegally pushed aside the original Feminine based faiths based on respect for the earth. Masculine religions are mostly steeped in control usually controlling women. Thanks for your feedback and input.

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