Brooklyn Botanic Garden Mild Winter Day

Yesterday in New York it was 60 and sunny. Today it is 30 degrees and snowing outside. Go figure. New York weather is Bi-Polar. Global Warming. My visit to the Brooklyn Museum and photos from the Georgia O’Keefe exhibit can be found on my Photography Blog Roaming Urban Gypsy.

Roaming Urban Gypsy

Today I went to see the Georgia O’Keefe special exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum then I went next door to another one of my favorite Happy Places the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. It is one of those rare mild winter days as we edge towards spring and along with some other hardy Brooklynites I took in the bare stark beauty of this beautiful day.  I will talk about the Georgia O’Keefe exhibit in a future post.

Here are some Trail Talks narrated by yours truly The Roaming Urban Gypsy.  Enjoy. Please excuse my voice and quality of the videos I’m still Learning.  My pronunciation of the Latin names for these plants is awful and once I began editing the videos I realized that I kept using the word Botanical as opposed to Botanic. Actually the Queens gardens is name the Queens Botanical Gardens. Eventually perhaps in the Merry Merry Month of…

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