African-American New Year’s Traditions



Food Traditions

Pig Feet, Black Eyed Peas and Greens

The Black Eyed Peas are Greens symbolized Good Luck and Prosperity. Greens being the color of money in the United States. Not too sure about the Pigs Feet or as some Southerners call Trotters as it did not bring the pig good luck!

I stopped eating Pigs Feet years ago and I’m too lazy to cook the Black Eyed Peas or the Greens.  The only Black Eyed Peas I’ve encountered recently is the singing group!! LOL!



Cleaning your entire house and washing all your clothes!

Yes folks today every Black Person in America is doing their laundry including yours truly! I suppose right now my room is fairly clean. This morning I cleaned Sylvester’s litter box and emptied the trash. But I suppose I take after my mother Mable Palmer who was the Cleaning Queen of the World. Mom would turn the house upside down cleaning.  I believe the cleaning of laundry and house brings a fresh clean start to the New Year!

When I was in Spain the tradition was to eat 12 grapes all at once which I did in December 1979 and as I recall 1980 was a good year for me.

About two years ago I went to my Japanese friends Buddhist Temple on New Years Day to celebrate Japanese style. That was enjoyable!

Please share any food, cultural or spiritual New Years Traditions you have or practice!!







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    1. I clean but I throw things out as churches no longer accept clothing. Usually I throw out clothes even if they are good because I don’t have time to figure out which organizations will accept clothing and which won’t so everything goes in the trash.

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