Speed Sisters: The First All-Women Motor Racing Team In The Middle East

Go Lady Speed Racers!!! Vroom!! Vroom!!


In war-torn Palestine five women have sped their way into the heart of the gritty, male-dominated street car-racing scene. Brought together by a common desire to live life on their own terms, the Speed Sisters have joined the ranks of dozens of male drivers, shattering social barriers and gender stereotypes.

Amber Fares’ feature-lentgh documentary follows the Speed Sisters as each of the women navigate love, religion and family pressures while trying to be true to themselves in the face of a military occupation.

There’s Maysoon, the team’s manager, who looks out for the girls on and off the track; Marah, who was a racing champion at 19 and is driven to succeed by the desire to represent Palestine on the World stage; the glamorous and fierce Betty, who comes from a wealthy family of racers; the athlete Noor, the thrill-seeker struggling to find her way; and Mona, the free…

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