Pangaea ~~ Lysrisha Births the Universe | Unicorn Mountains

Pangaea ~~ Lysrisha Births the Universe

Unicorn Mountains


A City on a Rock

In the time of Before, Lysrisha became one flesh with her Temple Lover Nucleus. Surrender tantric smiles. Glisten with Glee. The little death has brought me thee. My barren landscape is fertilized with your droplets of liquid malaise vibrating balm. Joy has entered my womb for now there will be cell division and procreation ensuring that our species will go on.

Lysrisha squatted down as her head birthed the Cosmos a dynamic whorl manifested all the known nations. She cried out I am the seed giving Mother impregnating, absorbing, producing, preserving and Creating. My egg is the potent nourishing seedlings of luminosity. Devotees draw near to me. A thin diaphanous veil is all that separates Creator, Destroyer and Renovator.  Reign. Rain.

Three SiStar Ninth Dimension Changelings: Pangeia, Merlina, and Samsara.

Valley flowers arose from the dewy mysts producing the most delectable scents and fragrances. Three of the most scrumptious Valley Flowers were the SiStar Changelings Pangeia, Merlina, and Samsara. SiStar Pangeia sprang straight from the heart of Mother Pangaea, Merlina was conceived via magic, and Samsara was the gift of the eternities.

Often they danced the Labyrinth, seeding the fields playfully chanting,

“Three Girls. Bouncy curls. Girlhood wanes so quickly. Raven, Red and Golden Brown.”

Daughter Pangeia gently pushed forward her winged Pegasus Unicorn Mare who with a gentle whinny and shake of her magnificent mane slowly lifted upwards allowing Daughter Pangeia to survey local territories and city-states in preparation for the eight year Mandala pilgrimage. The pilgrimage allowed all the inhabitants of Pangaea to co-exist in peace for epochs.  In the eighth year of harvest season townsfolk and villagers traveled great distances to gather at Mandala to dance the Labyrinth and to give Thanks to the Goddess for her limitless bounty.

One day whilst Daughter Pangeia was scanning the land for a suitable place to hold the Mandala celebratory ceremony a huge comet felled the skies striking one large river making it two. River good. River evil. River evil was an optic delusion designed to lure unsuspecting travelers with the appearance of clear crystal lakes suitable to drink from but turned out to be quicksand bogs causing many lost lives.

This greatly troubled Daughter Pangeia. She immediately flew to the mountain chambers where she and her SiStars resided for council.

After relating all that she had observed Daughter Pangeia sat together in the established Divine Cosmic Circle held hands during which Samsara communed with the spirit worlds receiving instruction.


“Once I was baptized by hieroglyphics and clear cave markings. Mother Pangaea tattoos now imprinted on feeble minds. Blood red raindrops on wet sand. Sulphur burn odor twitched many sensitive nostrils.  Many incarnations are we! Many incarnations are we!  We make our homes Divine Temples.”

Let us celebrate the goddess energy!

Mama YAYA!! We give you honor and praise!  We treasure this intermingling of souls.  And the People could Fly!! They could Fly Away!! Far, far Away!!  Take Wing and Soar above into the Heavenly Realms of Light…………….

“I Dreamed of Rain”-Jan Garrett & JD Martin


Trip to Unicorn Mountains

As I ascend Unicorn Mountains I beheld the Kaleidoscope Mandela off in the distance. As if summoned by the Reflecting Goddess a Ruby Red Sepia Pegasus/Unicorn appeared. She shook her magnificent bronze sepia Mane turned into my direction and swept me up onto her back in flight over endless majestic domains.

Instead of snow the mountaintop was covered with Lime white green foam. Ocean breakers against soft rocks and craggy shores leading me to ancient caves filled with prehistoric hand-prints. Hands.  So small. Small like mine. My size.

I could not resist. I placed my palm into her palm.

Rustic breezes surged through my being as they pan their way over pastoral mountaintop landscapes.  The briny deep. Moon-soon. Sirocco. Haramatan.  Abandoned and Invisible bodies littered the dry heart fields. The Mariners Temple is still in the bones. Rituals and rites last all every nights…. Regeneration. 

Can these dry bones live?


Jimmy Cliff – Many Rivers To Cross


Deva Premal & Miten with Manose “Narasimha” from the album PASSWORD, *LIVE* in Hannover May 2011


Day By Day – Godspell









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