Easy Like Sunday Morning @ BBG

Easy Like Sunday Morning @ BBG

Fall/Autumn Foliage Nature Walk

Here I am once more and again sounding like a combination of Fran Drescher and Gilbert Gottfried so Ladies and Gents Dearest Followers and Subscribers Please don’t mind my voice as I take you on a Sunday Morning Walk through parts of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden one of my Happy Places. For me the Brooklyn Botanic Garden with its magnificent flowers, trees, foliage and landscapes is one of God’s Natural Cathedrals and Green Spaces located in bustling New York City.

I am still very much an amateur with the videoing so Please excuse any mistakes I have made as well travel on this journey together.  They may not be in the proper order but I’m sure that you will get the understanding.

Hope you enjoy!!








Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Nature (and Longwood Gardens Photomontages)

Lens and Pens by Sally


Curious strange weird tree trunk stumps with flowers and fungi growing out of them at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.




Lionel Richie-Easy Like Sunday Morning [Live]



The Commodores Easy

14 thoughts on “Easy Like Sunday Morning @ BBG

  1. Thank you for the walk and thanks so much for the songs by Lionel and the Commodores. Does anyone out there like ‘Lucy’ as much as I do?

    xxx Huge Hugs DeBorah xxx

    1. Thanks for coming along with me on one of I hope will be many Nature Walks in New York City. As I found out the hard way my little Samsung Phone though fabulous does not have enough memory or storage space so it looks like I’ll finally learn how to use my digital camera that I’ve had since 2012!! LOL!! 🙂 😀

  2. That was a beautiful walk, DeBorah. I am surprised that so many roses are still in bloom, also. I am down here in Florida and I haven’t seen any roses for quite awhile now! So strange.

    1. Maybe these roses are still going strong from extra special care from the staff at Brooklyn Botanic Garden. If the weather here in New York continues to hold up I will return later on this month.

    1. Thanks! Before the weather turns really cold here in New York I hope to visit a different Botanic Garden ~~ The Queens Botanical Gardens prior to the end of this month. Hoping to get more Fall Foliage photos.

    1. Sorry about that! I’m still an amateur and not too good at putting these videos in order. Also I found out the hard way that the video option on my Samsung cell phone cuts off after a while. The thing is confused just like its owner me!! 🙂 😀

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