6 Signs and Behaviors of Emotionally Immature Adults

Some of my co-workers who have not progressed beyond being Adult Sized Toddlers!!

Happy Living!

immatureguyWe often find ourselves contending with someone who is difficult. In such situations, we might be at a loss for what to do. The first step in dealing with any difficulty is to understand what it is. If you can see it clearly, action is rather simple. But we must be able to see it clearly and understand it. Otherwise, we can’t move from square one and are stuck confused and still contending with the difficult person.

The difficult person is essentially immature. Now, I don’t use that word immature in the usual and customary sense. Most people judge maturity according to how much someone conforms to the social and economic order. That is not maturity at all. It could mean the person is the worst of the worst, insensitive and cruel; and, in fact, the social order encourages and even coerces people to behave in such a manner, which…

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