Of Mules and Donkeys

Mules and Donkeys For Inspiration and Fun!!  Sometimes You Just Gotta be Zany and slightly Eccentric!!

Egads!! I do believe I’ve just spotted the Famous Black Unicorn Pegasus!!
Image Courtesy of ChickenSmoothie.com



Seeking the Elusive Mini-Polka Dot Striped Zebra!!

Hold My Mule by Shirley Caesar
Shirley Caesar – Hold My Mule



There was Balaam’s talking donkey

Numbers 22:21-39

Which gave birth to Francis the Talking Mule


Francis in The Navy movie trailer.mp4

Francis talks in Court


Eventually this all turned into Mr. Ed!!

Mr. Ed Theme

Mister Ed S3 | The Price of Apples


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  1. Afrika Bohemian

    The pictures of you are really sweet, love the post. And I do agree, sometimes one has to be a little eccentric

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