America’s Shame

We need more voices of Truth like hers!!


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I was going to write about Stacy Dash and other like mind thinkers. I was going to add my half a cent about the Oscar’s since no one gives a damn what I think on that matter one way or another. I never watch the Oscar’s I never know 3/4ths of the movies nominated or the winners so I don’t really care. Honestly I still don’t. Black Hollywood shouldn’t care either. The blacks in the movie industry get paid and will continue to get paid because the bottom line is the number of zeros on the check.

The Oscar’s slighting of blacks is not new. What’s new is Hollywood black elite is angry that they weren’t really included in white Hollywood. I think they were under the illusion that they mattered. The rude awaking is that they realize they aren’t any more important than the black…

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2 thoughts on “America’s Shame

  1. A strong , fierce voice for right. Until we educate everyone to the fact that our insides are exactly the same and our brains function in exactly the same way there will always be idiots who think they are superior because of skin colour. It has to stop! The world is in trouble and we have no time to heal it if we’re inviting new wars at home and abroad.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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