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How do you fuel the fires of optimism?

First with great inspiring Gospel Music!!

Sounds of blackness Optimistic

Making jokes about Snowstorm Jonas which is bearing down on New York City!!  May as well laugh now because tomorrow I won’t be laughing while I’m struggling to get to work!!  Ugh!!


Purchased a snow shovel. Ready as I’m gonna get! Mother Nature bring on the Blizzard!!

Wonder if Uber and Lyft will be giving out Free rides?!! LOL!!

Snowstorm Jonas is on its way to New York City. Is Blizzard Jonas a long lost Jonas brother from that boy band?!! LOL!!


Creating scenes in the Zen Garden in our kitchen. My room-mate and I are having a great time with this! Tuesday he will bring me sea shells and we will see what the Muses stir in our spirits.


Zen Garden ~~ Emergence Created by DeBorah Ann Palmer




Sounds of Blackness – I Believe



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