Worry about getting back into work.

Replace the words Tories with Tea Party and I feel the same way. After my two week stay at the Psych Ward of Kings County Hospital I’m no better off and back in the same bullying hateful racist bigoted environment. Therefore I can relate to this post.


Everything seems to be sliding towards a slippery slope, my friends anxiety and depression are not helping me cope.

My brain is worrying about how the government are going to make me get a job, I know I won’t be able to cope.

I’m scared I will shoved in a job with no prospects, somewhere I will become so depressed I wouldn’t be going.

With long hours and low pay, there will be nothing for me to not have a break mentally away.

I’ll have another breakdown, but be made to go to work.

All because Iain Duncan Smith thinks I am lazy and passive, ignoring my pleas as if I am lying.

Today I I’ve been wanting to die, sitting on the windowsill to see if I could try.

I took all the painkillers that we have in the house, and having them sitting on my desk.

They are…

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