Working Vacation


Woke up this morning with a terrible stomach ache. Thank goodness I’m on vacation otherwise I’d have to go to work sick. I think the stress of my current situation is finally getting to me.  Had plans to go out, walk around and explore but right now I need to be near the bathroom.  Will spend most of the day in bed. At least I can still make phone calls. At this point I’m really worried. I feel like this is going to be a long drawn out process.  Already I feel drained.  Plus I have another very difficult and sad decision to make concerning one of my cats.  Looks like he will have to be put down. But at least he won’t suffer anymore.  Seems like bad luck all around.  Oh well. Another thing to suck up and put on more fake smiles and phony laughter despite the fact my heart and soul are broken into pieces.

12 thoughts on “Working Vacation

  1. Sorry you are having a hard day. Hope you feel better soon. I’ve used those bands for sea sickness and nausea before and they work. They are stretchy bands with rounded buttons that you place on the inner side of each wrist. They push on the pericardium meridian and they help with balancing emotions and curbing stomach anxiety.

    Hope you can find ways to stay balanced and at peace during this journey of yours. You can check out my website for some easy stress release techniques.

    Take care, katelon

    1. Thanks. I’ll go out later and get some yogurt. It’s a long walk to Rite-Aid and I don’t trust myself right now. I think that if I could shut off my head and my thoughts that would work. I need either a lobotomy or that device used in the movie Men in Black that erases memories. Somehow I don’t think that there is a remedy for a broken soul and spirit. So I’ll just put on the usual Happy Act and keep it moving.

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