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Healthy Food Haul


Well My Peoples I did it!! As of this coming Friday I will have gone a little over a week without eating any red meat and no pasta. Managed to limit my candy intake to the few M&M’s that Stephen shared with me, some rice, eating barley, quinoa and lentils. Small amounts of chicken or seafood. No cakes or cookies.

As many of you know who have followed my blog faithfully I am Lactose Intolerant so I never drink milk or eat ice cream. I do eat lots of yogurt as it contains Probiotics and helps my tummy.  I’m not a drinker nor a smoker so those two things were never a problem for me.  I don’t drink soda except maybe the occasional ginger ale. I only drink Snapples for special occasions as it also contains loads of sugar. Basically as you can see from the below pictures I’ve been eating lots of fruits and veggies.

Now so of you are probably thinking that what I’m eating has lots of calories but being on the thin petite side I need all the calories I can get. I will never give J. Lo, Beyonce, Nikki Minaj or the Kardashians butt/backside competition but I want to lose my gut not my curves. Not tryin’ to be a stick figure.

Baby Got Back and Hips Don’t Lie!!

Thankfully many years ago after I turned 40 I lost the thigh gap and my figure began to fill out more.  I could stand to do some planking and crunches but I’m not there yet. Right now I just want to look better in my clothes and feel comfortable.

I had to do something as my stomach was swollen as though I had swallowed a basketball. I could not ever close the snaps or zipper on the pants of my work uniform.

Built up waste inside the colon causes bloating, gas and pain. Also waste that does not pass through the colon and out of the body sets the stage for infection.

I can truly say that while grocery shopping it was hard to pass by the junk food aisle without picking up salty or sugary snacks but I’m proud to say I limited myself to a morning bagel, blueberry muffin or chocolate croissant.  I did have some No Salt or Sea Salt potato chips.  No chewing gum either. When you chew gum you swallow air which adds to indigestion and discomfort. Also gum is full of sugar or those fake sugars which are not good for you.

I did start taking a Fiber supplement called Metamucil. Felt like an old lady as I used to laugh at those fiber commercials when I was younger.  I also take a herbal supplement called Bellynator which helps with digestion.

I owe my success to changing my diet. Now the true test is keeping it up. Easy when I’m on vacation but returning to work with co-workers are always offering you food that you know you should not eat. Then if you say No some of them give you Side Eye. However some of them are into healthy eating also so I will be eating my salads and drinking lots of water.

The results have been a reduced waistline, no more stomach aches and pains plus more energy.

Moral of the Story: What goes in must come out!



Energy Boost Vitamins for Healthy Lifestyle



2017 Vitamins for Health Journey Update!!!!

If you think it costs money to be well or to stay healthy believe me it costs more in terms of money, time and lifestyle being sick!!



No not that one!! Don’t I wish the Men or at least the handsome good looking wealthy ones would pause my way!! Where are you my African King?!  In my dreams!  LOL!!  8-Track Flashback!! 🙂   😀

Menopause does a number on your hair. Once your estrogen production goes down your skin becomes drier and in many cases for Women your hair thins out or comes out. The Hot Flashes and Night Sweats are pure hell but I’ll leave those for another blog.

Ladies we do not want this. I don’t know about you but the bald look does not look good on me. Our Hair is our Crowning Glory and we need to take care of our precious strands.


Received my bottle of Mineral Rich made by the company Maximum Living!!  Mineral Rich is marketed as a Vitamin Supplement/Energy Drink. It is a dietary supplement. I have taken pill vitamins in the past but pills are not my friends. They are often horse pills meaning that they are large and difficult to swallow. Regular pill vitamins also feel like they are getting stuck in my throat which is extremely uncomfortable. I prefer to drink my Vitamins.

I found out about Mineral Rich from the below Naturalista YouTuber. Hopefully my hair will also grow faster and longer which would be a great addition to also getting more energy.  I will give this product until end of June/early July then I will give you a hair growth update. My goal is not waist length hair but healthy hair, scalp and skin.  When I had my hair in Locs it was down my back to my waist and I could sit on my hair.

Keep in mind that for any health regime to work you must be consistent!!  You can’t get fed up and stop after one month telling yourself and others, “This is not working”. You are in your specially selected program for the long haul.  

For me even if I can’t get to my Reviv Vitamin clinic for my B 12 shots due to extreme weather I know that I must have alternatives and combos I can rely on.








Continuing the Health Goals and Plans from 2016 into 2017

I am still continuing my Vitamin B injections from the Reviv Clinic:

However living in New York City where weather is one day sunny and the next day snowing it is not always possible to get to the store to buy vitamins or supplements so I Thank the Good Lord for where I can order vitamins online for postal delivery.

Taking more control of my physical health. In order to get better and be better I’ve got to do better. Complaining does not help. Whining is useless. Action is needed. Thus I’m going on a Vitamin regime. I think that some of my tiredness and exhaustion may come from not getting enough vitamins.  I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired!!  Tired of cancelling fun times, parties and events with friends because of being exhausted!!  I’m only in my 50s and I don’t want to feel like I’m in my 70s or 80s!!

No Excuses!! Ladies, Put on Your Big Girl Panties and Rock it!!

I’m been shoring up my finances with as much overtime as humanly possible and I’m going to treat myself to a type of Vitamin Spa. One of the many great things about New York City is that everything is available to keep you healthy and strong. All types of options. Some are not covered by insurance. Some are a bit expensive but with careful saving one can make use of the many holistic options New York City offers.

I think an extra dose of B Vitamins, my Ensure drinks, and Moringa Bitters I expect to see some changes by the end of October start of November.  Moringa Bitters are sold in many Caribbean and African owned stores in New York. Yes it does taste bitter but so did the Cod Liver Oil my Dad used to make us take when we were kids!!  LOL!!
I also eat lots of Yogurt with Probiotics. Mostly for my stomach and to ease my digestion but I’ve noticed a side benefit of eating Yogurt with Probiotics at least twice a day is increased hair growth.


Investing in myself for a Better Me!!

Nap Chat Videos.







Both Ladies featured in the Natural Hair Videos are of Nigerian Heritage.  I’ve always felt a deep kinship to Nigeria and her people. I also have a great Love for the people especially the Ladies from Ghana. More than likely I have ancestral ties to both these great lands and that’s why Nigeria, Ghana and Egypt resonate within my soul and spirit. In so many ways Africa is not just my ancestral home but also my spiritual home. The Motherland.


Germ Warfare

Germ Warfare

After a fruitful and pleasant visit to City MD Urgent Care at 336 East 86th Street I was diagnosed with yet another sinus infection. I seem to get them every 3 to 4 months. Why I don’t know?! CityMD Urgent Care are very efficient using Google Maps to locate the Walgreens in my neighborhood Fulton & Nostrand send them the prescriptions so all I had to do was pick it up.

Carnival Cruise 2004
2004 Carnival Cruise

Now I’m back to being a pill factory. A veritable cornucopia of pills, ear drops, nasal spray, and my buddy Azithromycin. Damn! There’s no escaping old age, body decline & being tired, exhausted and drained, no matter how much healthy organic foods I eat; water, juice, and Kefir I drink, yogurt I consume or daily exercise. Guess I’m just a magnet for germs.

Ah the joys of living with Acute Sinusitis! Since last Thursday I have drunk more tea with honey and lemon and eaten so much garlic that even though it did not kill the germs I was not visited by any Vampires. By Labor Day I was so wiped out by hacking and coughing the previous night I had morphed into a raccoon. I do believe I left behind a lung, kidney and parts of my diaphragm at my workplace.  I looked like I had gone a few rounds with boxer Muhammad Ali in his prime or spent three weeks without sleep since I had two black eyes. I could barely speak and became a raspy voice Joe Cocker harlequin at the Annual Palace Ball!

Being a soldier I fought these invaders to my system with humongous amounts of liquids, eventually consuming cloves of garlic in a nearly raw state so much so that I could have repelled an Army of the Undead. By Monday Labor Day I was pushed into the role of Zombie Guard at my workplace. Tuesday I stayed home to recover and felt well enough Wednesday to attend an outing in Central Park with friends.

For several days now, Mr. Nasal Congestion, his wife Missy Mucous invited what sounded like an entire team of Flamenco dancers to torture my right ear.  The clickety clacking sounds were so loud that obviously the Flamenco dancers were using extra loud castanets! The accompanying pain was like Flamenco dancers were driving a nail, spear or knife through my right ear ala the Vincent Price, Dr. Phibes! Enough! Thus my journey to CityMD Urgent Care for relief from pain, congestion and coughing. Now I’m about to put these ear drops in my right ear and murder all those inconsiderate castanet playing tap dancing Flamencos!! Die you evil bastards!!!

Folks it is like being a host for the Germ Factory Club. Gonna make you sweat with a delightful roasted body fever. You feel the Invasion of the Body Snatchers partying inside your body doing the Cha, Cha, Cha, Tango, Rumba and Foxtrot all up and down my sinus cavities!  The beautiful static noise inside my right ear reminds me of the point when the needle touches the vinyl on old fashioned records.

Today I may be a member of the Walking Wounded but I will repel these nasty malevolent trespassers away from my being! Next in my arsenal, super duper strength vitamins! Get back you wicked virus!  My sword released from its sheath and I will win the battle and the war!

Quest for Wheatgrass — The Journey to Wellness


What are you in search of? Capture a quest with your camera.

I’m Questing with my Words.

Quest for Wheatgrass — The Journey to Wellness

Saturday June 16, 2012

Wheatgrass a staple of healthy living

Undaunted and still a seeker for better health I went on a pilgrimage back to my old neighborhood, St. Albans, Queens, NY.  Quest for Wheatgrass juice successful. Mission accomplished at Vital Health Foods, 196-14 Linden Boulevard, St. Albans, NY 11412, Phone: 718-525-0992. Open Monday – Thursday from 9:30am to 7:00pm, Friday – Saturday 9:00am to 7:00pm.If you live in Southeast Queens Please patronize this wonderful health food store. Let’s support Black owned businesses that are creating a healthy environment for our people. Boycott the fast food restaurants and buy good healthy food from Vital Health Foods! Yes it may be a little pricey, a might expensive but the cost of poor health and sickness is even more expensive and debilitating. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Now Wheatgrass does have a unique taste however the gentleman at Vital asked me if I wanted ginger and garlic added to my 2 ounces (the little plastic cup is about the same size as the ones on Pepto Bismal & we know that tastes gross), I said Yes. It definitely added a punch & a kick taste wise but you just gulp it down in one shot and keep strutting. I’ve also found eating Activia yogurts to be helpful but the juice is the best solution yet. Wheat -grass is an interesting fusion of flavors. Making small gradual changes helps to ease the transition.  I have entered the Kingdom of Wellness.

Healthy Food
Healthy whole Foods

I have a proposal to combat poor health habits within the Black Community. Since there is a church located on every other block and we all know the Black church is a bastion of fried chicken dinners and other unhealthy foods why not each church have a small section devoted to being a health food store outlet. The same way churches give away foods during the week they could set up small juice bars/raw food eating establishments that would promote healthy eating.

Given that African Americans, Black Women in particular spend lots of money on our hair and nails we must make an equal investment in our inner physical persons. We can shut down McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, KFC, Popeye’s and other greasy fried food joints by not going there. Refuse to buy from those artery clogging places.  Black neighborhoods are a plethora of junk food restaurants. The alternative for eating at these heart attack/stroke establishments is winding up with the two most prosperous Funeral Homes: Roy Gilmores  or J. Foster Phillips.

On November 7, 2008 I was rushed to the hospital from my job with extreme high blood pressure. Both numbers were nearly 200. The nurse at that time at my workplace had no idea how I was still standing much less being alive. Thanks to speedy treat at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital I’m here today but not without problems resulting from the hypertension. In January 2010 I had retina surgery on my left eye to restore some of my vision. At that time I was almost completely blind in my left eye. I could only see light and dark. I could not make out anybody’s facial features nor could I see anything approaching from my left side. Since the operation I can see out of my left eye but in terms of reading that ability is gone. I’m more or less legally blind in that eye. Sometimes I feel sad about not being able to read using that eye but at least I still have my right eye. Ignoring high blood pressure and eating the wrong foods brings consequences. I’ve since not only given up dairy products but red meat and most caffeinated drinks. I’m a soy milk, juice & green tea drinking woman now.

Organic Products -- Food for Life
Organic Products — Food for Life

Yes like any other woman I get my hair and nails done but once my digestive and other health problems got in the way of going out with friends and enjoying life I had to take action. That carrot juice/apple juice combination did wonders! I was able to attend a concert yesterday evening and enjoy a great meal at an Italian restaurant in Manhattan with my buddies. No stomach pains! Was able to enjoy the music and the meal knowing my stomach was a peace. I know that returning to my Wheatgrass regime will also yield many good health benefits. I’m a Happy Camper!


Queen Afua on Precise TV



Friday June 15, 2012

Health is Wealth!! Progress is being made in the tummy trouble area. As some many know I suffered from food poisoning back in January. I’ve battled stomach ailments since my recover in April, but I’m winning! I’m beginning to feel better. Less and less indigestion. These videos you posted so inspired me that I went on my own little local health quest journey:
“Quest for Wellness” Hope Rae Dawn Chong will pardon the pun. Today is my normal day off and as usual I enjoy taking a little walk before I start my day. Motivated by the young gentleman in Video #2 I said perhaps there is a Health Food store selling wheat grass juice along a short stretch of Merrick Blvd. Those of you who hail from Southeast Queens aka Jamaica know the neighborhood. I only walked a short distance along Merrick Blvd and within about 7 or 8 blocks I past the following:
Dunkin Donuts, several dirty fried chicken restaurants, BBQ Pitt, a diner, a Subway restaurant, Bagel Factory, Jerk Hut, many liquor stores and numerous ads for “Mickey D’s”. Finally tiring of the heat and with no desire to walk into Nassau County I hopped on the bus in the opposite direction bound for downtown Jamaica. Hoping to secure secure the wheat-grass prize I went to the Jamaica Farmers Market. Yes they do have a Juice store within but they mostly sell shakes that include milk which I cannot drink or carrot juice with an addition of another type of juice. I decided upon Carrot Juice mixed with Apple Juice. It was good. For lunch I did have some Chicken Teriyaki. A Girl has to keep her strength up!

Heart Healthy Foods
Heart Healthy Foods

You Are Leaders!

Like I’ve said before, Erykah Badu tried to tell you!  She ain’t no joke.

On and on, and on and on
My cipher keep moving like a rolling stone…

She and her cipher still messing people up.  It’s all good though.  But right here in this clip, she’s on a mundane tip – trying to teach the Creator’s righteous chirren how to eat to live and not live to eat.  Common’s in the first 2.5 minutes of the video.  Let’s sneak in and take a listen.

Then we have Brother Mawuli of RawStar Raw Vegan Cafe  at 687 Washington Ave., Brooklyn USA.  This brother will melt your hardened, fat encrusted heart, and make you desire to pursue a raw vegan lifestyle.  He works his majick on you, even as he’s telling you he believes in to each his own, and that he doesn’t push his vegan lifestyle on people.

Life – the decision is yours to make.

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