Adagio Syzygy

Adagio Syzygy

Snippets of Stories Lead to Treacherous Tales

Splinter Stories from the Hardware Store

Cassiopeia, Delphinus, and Monoceros squared off circling each other, leaning in ready for attack yet bouncing off each other’s zones in the manner of opposing magnetic forces.

They continued to circle each other in an unholy alliance glued to one another through a parasitic orbit. Until Jhamer Von Tick-Tock crushed their magnetic bond like a free wheeling asteroid. Von Tick-Tock took pride in accomplishing his first full fledged Quantum Leap excepting the fact that he had no idea where he had leapt to nor the identities of the strange beings lying deathly still before him.

Jhamer Von Tick-Tock had them laid out on the ground like a visiting evangelist under the Summer Revival Tent. One could never in his/her wildest imaginations that Von Tick-Tock who had the mousey appearance of Hickory Dickory Dock possessed such startling and stunning powers. In a burst of energy Von Tick-Tock ripped apart their interplanetary High Noon Showdown.

Wondering if he had propelled the prone populace before him Von Tick-Tock gave them each a nudge with the toe of his well shod foot which only elicited a few twitches and grimaces. They all appeared to be stuck in stasis a not too far distance from rigor mortis. Planted inside furrows in the dirt. Future victims of the Super Blood Moon.

Bad Moon Rising

Bad Moon Rising – Creedence Clearwater Revival

Mid-Nudge Kick among the deactivated beings Von Tick-Tock, Ever the Dandy could not help but admire his sartorial splendor reflected back to him in the crystalline silicates surfaces scattered across the florid field. Looking sporty if I must say so myself.

Some called him Princess Fedora, Queen of Shapeshifters. Along with Wearer of Snazzy Skypieces. Often magical Mystical changes of hair color occured on a Whim.

Shoes in order. Jacket in Order. But Von Tick-Tock became miffed at the state of his Bunn Hat that was seriously disordered by this dimension journey.

Crushed Bunn Hat

Transport across the Thin Place encapsulated at the House on Ruxton Road often was not thin enough Challenging ones ability to escape damage. But that was the place. Sometimes the only place to Leap as 924 Belmont Avenue was wonky and often unreliable.

Moans, groans and sounds of retching interrupted Von Tick-Tock’s reverie. Once supine the humanoids began to arise at which point the dizziness catching heads and stomachs spun in a centrifuge as they tried to sit upright. Blue-green iridescent sparkly vomit irrigated the surrounding meadows. After several moments of glitter spew one of the Anthromorphic shapes made eye contact opening its mouth emitting garbled garbage of what I took to be their mother tongue. As more of them became semi-lucid even more jabberwocky issued forth from their tongue tied lips.

Back Through the Cosmic Vortex

But Why Quibble over details?

The Uneasy Culprits

Cassiopeia, Delphinus & Monoceros

Piercing The Celluloid Cloud to See God



Splinter Stories from the Hardware Store


Piercing The Celluloid Cloud to See God


“Hanesberry-SeaTek Soul Manufacturing Corporation. Celestial to Terrestrial.   Haberdashery from the spirit world!”

Ms. Zazu, Welcome aboard!  Enjoy the Orientation experience!

On the surface Peabody appeared to be a simple plain milquetoast rather nondescript man but when he opened his mouth the gift of gab was on display. Peabody was also Blessed to have deep soulful purple sapphire eyes.  Reflective orbs that looked inward as well as outward causing those on the tour to melt like satin soft velvet.  Eyes that could lift your immortal soul from its corporeal casements.

A uniquely and slightly disturbing feature in a soul system seller.  A step up I suppose from the fat pomaded bejeweled thugs who had infiltrated this business making it more sinful than saintly.  Pompous puffed up killer penguins.  Wise guys of the underworld operating from the abyss.


“Follow me down this hallway as we move forward, outward, onward and upward!”

Entranced by this expressive enthralling yet off putting man Zazu dutifully followed him through the hallway into and through mystical doorways.




Yes Zazu, we have souls in all shapes, sizes and consistencies.  Bilious, Ethereal, Foggy, Ghostly, Glazed, Nebulous, Murky, Musty, Cloudy, Misty, transparent, translucent, Reflective, Shadowy, shady, Hazy, Ambiguous, dark, light. We can even project them through our magnificent stained glass infinity mirrors which provide a kaleidoscope of past and present.


Applicants possessing familial ancestor cards are in luck because they can keep the incarnations of soul splicing within the realm of genetic memory and DNA connectors.  Names are a good reference point but if the name of the ancestor is unknown or long forgotten an image or likeness is perfectly acceptable.



Parents provide the body, location and genetic format. We provide the soul.  Each person gets their own unique soul even twins, triples and multiples.  However Multiples retain certain connective arterial junctions and junctures, trails and pathways that remain unbroken with each incarnation.



The Souls are kept in their respective receptacles until the requester is matched with a suitable or persistent donor.  Most soul donors go through many cycles due to being dissatisfied with either the body that selected them or the family castaway dynamics they were thrust into.


Depending on your selection based on DNA and genetics we can even provide slightly used recycled souls aka “Old Souls” reconstituted into fresh new bundles of Joy.  Or if you or a family members prefer we can take a soul or a myriad of souls from different cultures, natures, traditions and belief systems to incorporate them into a chubby weeping, wailing crying gurgling humanoid that any advanced primate would be proud to shelter and raise.

We can even tweak the time space continuum allowing souls to move backward in the earthly time line but never forward.  Our time travel option is somewhat limited. Sometimes souls are born out of time or into a time period where they don’t fit in but Heck we guaranteed souls not the sentient being into which they might find themselves.

Sometimes we get requests for souls of fictional creations both literary and cinematic.  This presents a challenge but we aim to please therefore we compile an adjusted tweaked reorganized compilation of characteristics as given from the fictional characters original creator.



Certain Soul requests derive from magical mystical oral tales passed from generation to generation for them we require the services of the Pegasus Unicorn.  The majestic beasts although riderless are equipped with invisible saddle packet pockets on either side in which to place the mystic dinosaur eggs plucked directly from the Akashic Library.  The Akashic Library Records cover all cultures, countries, nations,  rites/rituals, traditions, tribes and spiritual belief systems.



We get lots of requests for the souls or rather the soul characteristics of many famous Hollywood actors, actresses, singers, entertainers, sports figures, dancers, etc…  However we try to discourage these choices as souls coming from those professions have fame, money and good looks but rarely any real self-confidence or inner peace.

Those requests are more costly as they often entail an ending filled with tricked out hearses driven by teams of decked out Pegasus Unicorns.  Soul transportation and transfiguration does not come cheap on any level or in any stage.  Hollywood, TV and movies stars plus sports figures take on mythical proportions that even death cannot seem to dispel.  In fact the longer they lay a moldering in the grave the more fanciful and larger gains of illusion and delusion .


Often they are quite vain, ill-tempered and once they reach the desired fame factor they tend to develop a sense of entitlement.  Little realizing the public often has the last word.  They flare up bright and fast but burn out quickly much to the consternation of the customer occupying that particular flesh container.  The Live Fast and die Young crowd are mostly likely to wind up snuffed out like a candle in a strong wind.


Big problem with the Muses, the Fates and the Three Graces over when to and how much or how often to Bless them with intelligence, talent, beauty and grace plus when to cut the umbilical cord.

Mr. Peabody kept up a brisk pace causing me to break into a quick canter which came to an abrupt end when he unexpectedly stopped short.  Plain Mr. Peabody transformed becoming regal with perfect bright white shiny teeth that beamed a blinding smile, dark polished hair embodying a sleaze bag kind of look that took me by surprise. A Suave Sophisticated Patent Leather Elegant Lover who made the sweat roll down my back and between my butt cheeks.  Oh What Debonair can do. It elicits root feelings once thought left behind.

Turning slowly his melodic eyes held mine but for a brief time that threatened to edge into eternity whilst he explained that evil, wicked, demonic souls become wandering disembodied entities seeking spiritual empty flesh houses, obese lusty grey rats or cockroaches.

Svengali Serpentine spell interruption.  Inner force field between us broken.  Or was it just punctured? Who knows? I certainly don’t?




Yours Truly,

Red Beryl


Stella By Starlight









Snake Mama Blues ~~ Viper Pickings

Splinter Stories from the Hardware Store

Snake Mama Blues — Viper Pickings

“Lureen!! Hey Lurean!! What shenanigans you getting up to in there you old snake necked Gal! Oooohhh! What’s that foul odor I smells. Stinks like turpentine up in here. You painting agin? ArrUrrggha!! What plots be cookin’ and settling inside that old Tureen the Original Snake Mama gave ya?”

Shut up you Itinerant Scalawag! I’m harvesting words, sentences, phrases for the Queen of Books. Her Majesty you know?! Or maybe you don’t know.

“Don’t Know and Don’t wanna know! Put away that concoction and come play Foxy with me.”

“Viper On! Shouted LurAnn!”

Ahh! Come on Lurean Our Chicklings is Grown and we need to make mo’…… Raise up yo’ drab cloak and let me in.

Benjamin You sanctimonious seed of a nun and a monk! Put back your firestick into it’s sheath! There shall be no couplings tonight.

Benjamin could hear the Thukka, Thukka Boom building in his loins and he needed release. He tired of spilling his seed upon bushes and trees inadvertently creating flowering fanged flowers everywhere he spent. At Day break his salty milk mixed with the new born dew as he thrashed and spewed out his rancid dreams.

He wished a sweet comfy covert chamber that would hug his member bringing consolation to his swollen sword.

Out of the Blistering Sundown Heat came a familiar yet unwelcome voice.

“Benjimim! Benjiamim! Is that you a hollering at that stiff necked gal? Who ain’t gonna give you none no matter how hard you beg?”

Emersom Skreech possessed an unkempt bald bobbly head. Walked with a rolling gait of a seasoned sailor unfamiliar with steady land. Skreech was a raggedy Lyle Lovett Look a Like without the deep pompadour.

Townsfolk keep a clear distance away from Em as he was called for his personality reminded one of a gyrating Alien incubating a Succubus.

“Do you Want Me to Cry While I Leave You Alone? I can build up or I can put down. Now which will it be? Beware the Corpse Queen for she’s just a gilded Mummy encrusted with Jewels.



To Be continued……………………

Sipping in the Solarium while Snacking on Speckled Nebula

Sipping in the Solarium while Munching on Speckled Nebula


Splinter Stories from the Hardware Store


Saga of JoyBaieda Rueine


The Old Churchyard’s rough terrain was akin to the contents of an kitchen junk drawer and the neighborhood junk yard minus the dog.  Our planet was slowly but surely spinning counterclockwise to it’s Axis.  Bumping along like a car with a broken Axle.  The issues and problems with the malfunctioning Ancestor cards were becoming more urgent each passing solar revolution. She cringed when thinking about the upcoming meeting with JoyBaieda Rueine. Very little progress had been made concerning corrections  to the process.  Time was running out for Home Planet.


Female Ancestor from my Dad's side, Name lost to Time
Ancestor known only to God.

Zahara the Sentinel carefully watched and observed all the scribes but the one called Jabez caught her eye for more careful examination.

The Lust filled doe eyed fool Emerson Skreech had made no headway in releasing the Ancestor cards therefore a trip in the Escape Pod was necessary.  The Dayforming Process was in danger of imminent collapse.


Something about Scribe Jabez. He possesses a supernatural connection to the selection process.  Must make a study of Jabez.  He might possess the Keys to Salvation of Home Planet.  Such an unscholarly Scribe as Jabez just might have access to the Elders of Nephilim granting access to the Wisdom of the Strix.


Must employ the Wisdom of the Strix and their descendants The Nephilim



All Day and well into the night the Scroll Scribes searched The Book analyzing seeking a solution for the troubled planet.


Scribe Jabez had the air of damaged goods about him.  He walked with such a Lumbering Lurching gait that caused him to tread on his face so severely etching out pathways, streets, avenues, highways and byways that his skimpy beard barely succeeded in covering.  His reddish brown beard seemed to have been plucked out in places by attacking hordes of birds or fleshing eating insects.

Watching him was such a painful ordeal that the other Scribes were relieved when he sat down and on pins and needles when he arose for bladder relief or food.  His shock of vibrantly magenta red hair seem an anachronism of youth mismatched with old age.


During his fasting times Jabez was more specter than corporeal. His appearance discomfiting his fellow scribes who desperately wish to be excused from their research/writing duties.  But Alas for most Scribes Freedom meant having Furies cut the soul cord binding one to the terrestrial like a mid-wife cuts the umbilical cord at birth.

Jabez’s family was a small Village of petty and career criminals.  Try as he might Jabez was not a Member of the Collective and had not the recommendations nor the credentials to be more than a fringe dweller. For entry into the hallowed framework of the Collective one could not just simply be absorbed but had to be scrutinized and evaluated.  In the case of Jabez his Javelin wasn’t right.  It failed to hit the mark.

Jabez state of mind also hindered his progress.  He was obsessed with a Woman he had never met.  He had only met her in his vivid reoccurring dreams.  At night his body seemed to take flight through the Mandala where his soul was whisked via Windmills to the entry of a complex Labyrinth.


A Maze guarded by a malevolent Sphinx whose riddles sent many a time traveler into a Abyss where they were trapped for One Thousand years until their turn came round once more.  Each time his spirit was deposited at the Sphinx regal paws.  The sandy soil dissolved through his toes as though he was at the beach feeling the surf place and displaced by the tides.

Most times Jabez Javelin would change course. When that happened Jabez repeated his solemn mantra.  “Lord of the Universe, Make my feet like hinds feet that carry me to my high places.”  During Astral Flight Jabez’s Javelin morphed into an Arrow then a Feathered Plume piercing his side drawing out his blood transforming into an old fashioned Fountain pen. Each time the Blade Sharp Arrow Plume Pen stabbed him it then began of its own accord to ink his precious blood onto ancient Holy Papyrus.


Jabez felt the Sphinx ride him like an unbroken angry steed. Bucking him to and fro.  Digging in her talons so deeply that he cried out to Nightwatchman Charon whose multiple sets of keys could be heard loudly jingling out harmony, safety, peace and tranquility as the patrolled the Wastelands.  He felt his life tremble.  Violent tremors that caused dirt and dust to quake.  Upending Jabez into Stalactites and Stalagmites opening his arteries and veins.


Blood pouring out of his wounds like a swift running river soaked deep into the earth enriching the soil so as the surrounding rocks, stones and even small pebbles migrated to the crimson streams absorbing the nutrients, putting down roots, breeding, multiplying into Pompeii faces frozen death masks of fright.  Souls buried deep in the ground grow deep roots that reach out for the living.


Disembodied Lava flow flames arose and began to lick the flavored air.  Claps of Thunder resounded off the cavernous walls signalling to mummified bodies found encased inside enormous forest trees.   Giant Millennia Tree trunks encapsulated Beings crouched in the fetal position like insects in Amber.  Arboreal hugs for forgotten beings. Revealed when furious Lightening Storms split said trees to splinters exposing the mystical mysterious cadavers. Choirs of graves, tombs, markers, sing out at dusk pining for souls that could never rest.

Enter the Nephilim.





1 Chronicles 4:9-10 New King James Version (NKJV)

Now Jabez was more honorable than his brothers, and his mother called his name Jabez,[a] saying, “Because I bore him in pain.” 10 And Jabez called on the God of Israel saying, “Oh, that You would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me, and that You would keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain!” So God granted him what he requested.



Oedipus and the Sphinx
Gustave Moreau (French, Paris 1826–1898 Paris)