Who are you Advocating for?

Homeless people who have disabilities are often treated very badly by the system. In fact disabled People in general often don’t get the programs and services they need. I hadn’t planned to attend this church fair but God had other plans for me. Plans to meet an Angel.



Today at a Church Health Fair I met Angel McMillan a young woman who uses a wheelchair.

Ms. McMillan currently lives in the Magnolia House Shelter located at 1424 Herkermer St.

The elevator is kept locked and only the security guard has the key. In case of emergency Ms. McMillan is trapped in the building. She has to beg just to gain access to the elevator to even get outside for doctors appointments or fresh air.

The Magnolia House shelter is also filthy, dirty with garbage and trash strewn everywhere. Definitely an unsafe environment for a young woman with a disability. This facility is in direct violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.


Of course I advocate for my brother Stephen all the time but think about the homeless disabilities People.

Previously in March I assisted a blind woman to locate the B56 bus at Broadway Junction.

She was Crying for help so I immediately went to assist Her.

Despite the fact that both the Police Department is at Broadway Junction as are the Transit Workers neither came to her assistance.

Stayed with Her until bus arrived. She was on Her way to the homeless shelter somewhere in the area of 75th and Elderts.

Why does the City of New York send blind People to unfamiliar places and Destinations? Earlier that day she had fallen and injured her hand. Being that this is a low income neighborhood the sidewalks and streets are tore up. Overwhelming obstacles for a blind person.

Why are blind People forced to Live in homeless shelters? Surely NYC can do better.

Seeing Eye Dog Sculpture

Seeing Eye Dog Sculpture

Seeing Eye Dog Sculpture

Seeing Eye Dog Sculpture

I advocate for my neighbors with disabilities. Who do you advocate for?

Activism, Advocacy and Resistance to the system is not only providing immediate help but contacting local neighborhood elected officials to get disabled People the goods, services and programs that they need.

5 thoughts on “Who are you Advocating for?

    1. Yes it’s horrible being that the richest country in the world has such a large homeless population. Also the shelters are often nightmares. For disabled people who are supposed to be given priority in Housing the situation is even worse. The numbers of homeless are increasing. Hopefully my small efforts will result in safe, clean stable housing for disabled people in my Community.

      1. Did your government say that the US is the richest country in the world? The USA are currently number 14 of the countries with the highest depth worldwide… and due to the current president the depth are increasing. But anyway, the problem is that the money they do make is invested in wars, the society,… but not in their own people!
        It is beautiful that you are makeing such efforts and I am sure it will be so treasured by the people you are helping. You are such a good soul, Deborah. So wonderful to have you on this planet.

      2. I probably should have said that the U.S.A. is one of the richest countries in the world However the wealth is concentrated among the top 1% or 2 percent. And Yes I agree that the current administration favors the rich. It’s like being poor, disabled or down on your luck is a sin or character flaw. America has the capacity for change but instead we are becoming a modern day feudal system complete with a caste system and dictator.

        I can’t stand to see People suffer. If I can help them then that’s what I do.

      3. Yes, that is the picture we get. They get blamed for the situation they are in. But due to the poor social system, it can happen so quickly that you are living on the street. It is a shame!

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