No Apologies



At my age I’ve earned the right to speak out to speak my mind. I’m not particularly concerned about losing or gaining subscribers/followers. Nor am I trying to appease white folks.

Mostly I write this blog for me. If people like it. Good. If they don’t well they can go somewhere else.  If you feel I’m that “Angry Black Woman” or that Black Woman with an Attitude then feel Free to go somewhere else. Find somebody more in line with your fantasy thinking.

Those who decide to Follow it’s all good. If they leave that’s good too. I stopped looking for affirmation or validation from people a long time ago and I never sought it from white people. I can be brutally blunt and Following/Subscribing to Blogs is like watching TV shows. If you don’t like what you read then turn it off. I’ve got a very thick skin.

My comments describe the Collective Thought process of many whites not particular individuals. In my nearly 60 years of living 99% of the stupid things said to me come from white Americans. Some people want or accuse me of painting with a wide brush well if the shoe fits wear it. I’m a Rebel with a Cause!! Black Power Salute!!

No apologies. Don’t really care what other people think of me because like I said I don’t need the affirmation. Now you don’t have to agree with me and I don’t expect most white Americans to agree with me because we are living in two different worlds.  To me your world is filled with Fairy Tales but Fairy tales don’t have any people who look like me.

Pretty much I have a Fuck You Attitude towards the ruling class. I have No faith in the racist American system nor do I expect things to get better. Pretty much they’ve steadily been getting worse and as for the Joker in the “White House.”  I did not vote for him. Nor did probably most African-Americans. We are only approximately 12% of the population. Therefore you know why Mr. Asshole is in there.

Yup! I’m unapologetically Black and don’t care who knows it! I Own my Race and my views! I don’t make nice!

If you feel Offended Feel Free to Leave because if you’ve looking for an apology you won’t get one from me. No sympathy nor any understanding.  Middle Finger Up!! By the way I’m not going to argue with you or answer any foolish idiotic comments. They will be read and deleted. I encounter enough dumbfuckery from the workplace.

Drops mike. Leaves Room.

Let’s Talk About Race in Two Different Americas

This is another non-PC post dealing with racial attitudes.  If you’re white this blog post is gonna Fuck with you to the utmost. I pull no punches and make no apologies for my words.  If you don’t like it feel Free to Unsubscribe.  I don’t give a flying Fuck.

Often my colleagues of Color and I will talk about the racist comments and insults we get on a daily basis while performing our jobs as Security Officers at the museum.  One encounter by a Black co-worker who is a retired Marine Officer and who is multi-lingual especially sticks out. A white visitor told him he was an Uppity Nigger. His response, “I come from a long line of Uppity niggers and am proud of it.”  I’m sure that white patron had no answer for that one.

Basically during my tenure at the museum patrons have cursed me in every language know to mankind and called me everything but a child of God.

Now let me back track to my encounter this past week with a dumb-ass old white woman who had the nerve, gall and audacity to come up to me and compare my beautiful cornrows to a Medusa sculpture.  I was raised to respect my elders but there are times when you just want to slap the shit out of old white people whose minds are still stuck in the early 20th or 19th Centuries.  Then there are the trust fund babies and wealthy white folks of privilege who have that “To The Manor Born” attitude to most workers of Color and especially Black workers.


Dear Folks of the Caucasian Persuasion.  Do Not Touch my Hair. This is not a petting zoo.  Do not ask me stupid questions like, “Do you comb your hair?” Do Not compare my braids, locs or cornrows to Medusa and I won’t say anything about your wrinkles, age spots or your open audacity and stupidity to think you can come up to any random Black person that you don’t know and just spew the first idiotic thing that issues forth from that pie hole in the middle of your face. And No you Do Not have the right to become offended if I call you out on your arrogance and foolishness.  Keep your ignorant racist sexist dumb words and attitude to yourself! Don’t get it Twisted.  Mammy and StepAndFetchIt are long gone.  In fact do me a favor. Shut the Fuck Up and stop commenting on my appearance!  Don’t Fuck with the African Goddess! I am a Proud Uppity Black Woman with Attitude. Don’t you forget it.

I don’t have too many problems with other working class whites. We are more or less sailing in the same ship but if you’re Black and you commit the smallest infraction of the rules we get thrown overboard. Most of the problem lies with the 1%.  The “Beautiful People.”  The Society Matrons. The Trust Fund Babies. Tea Partiers formerly known as the “Moral Majority.”  You know them. The patrons who attempt to give you half chewed gum and candy or some sort of other garbage thinking you’re a fucking janitor. I tell them them the trash can is located in the nearest restroom.

Caucasian Americans let’s get re-educated. No I don’t look like another Black person you may know or see on TV, in the movies or in magazines.  Black people have the most diversity of skin color, hair textures, and hues than any other race on earth. Unless that particular Black person is an identical twin there goes the notion that we all Look Alike.

If you don’t know me. Don’t touch me. Keep your hands to yourself. Hey you never know. The Black might rub off!

Yes I speak proper English and not Ebonics. Sure I can lapse into slang but only around my friends. Stop saying how you’re incredibly amazed at how “articulate” I am.  That’s a back-handed compliment which is really an insult in disguise. Quit being so condescending.

No I absolutely Do Not take or sell drugs. Black does not equal drug addict.  However it is obvious that you do since you seem to know so much about illicit drugs.  No I’m not here to be your sex slave. Don’t even go there!  For I will put your sorry ass out of my galleries. If we were out in the street my foot would be up your ass! You may have gotten away with raping my Great, Great, Great Grandmother back in slavery days but today I will not only knock you silly but cut off your minuscule package and shove it down your throat.

You insult me to my face and make snide remarks behind my back. You extend your hand in supposed friendship and support, with that phony shit-eating grin while telling me “I Voted for Obama!”  Really.  Oh joy! How white of you! You know what?  I don’t want to be your friend. You would not survive a week No Not even a day in my Black skin. You need to back the Fuck up and get out of my face with your hypocrisy.  My patience is gone and Love Don’t Live Here Anymore.

You May Now Kiss My Royal Black Ass!

Defiant DeBorah
Defiant precocious DeBorah