Pivotal July

I spent most of July as a patient at Brooklyn Methodist Hospital. It was discovered that I have an autoimmune disease called acute ulcerative colitis. Meaning my body attacks my digestive system.

Starting from June I lost over 30 lbs in weight.

July 4th I blacked out, fell and broke my nose. The disease had begun it’s horrible course.

Once admitted to the Brooklyn Methodist Hospital I was given fluids, antibiotics and steroids.

I had to have a blood transfusion as I came close to dying.

It’s been pure physical upheaval laced with miracles.

My ability to Walk has been seriously compromised. I can Walk slowly with a cane. The Visiting Nurse Service comes to my house for rehab.

Nor do I enjoy wearing Adult Diapers but I must.

My physical therapy began in the hospital.

Life can change in a moment. Suddenly I have been thrust into a world of disability, disease and sickness with no road map. It’s scary, frightening and frustrating especially having to be dependent. At first I cried constantly but No more pity parties for me. I’m fighting this battle.

I don’t like asking for help but if anyone wishes to donate to my recovery you can donate via PayPal account deborah.palmer280@gmail.com.

Also Thanks for your prayers as I make my way along this long Strange journey.