Cave Dreamscapes

Cave Dreamscapes


Falling into the Joyous Chasm

Bone. Stone and Wood rocks sand, Surf and Seaside. Sharp edges flint abrasion within my soft channels. You burst through underwater caves with furious pounding motion. Ebb and flow wash over me. Casting my limp body out to sea returning it road hard and put out wet.

The curling of toes mixed with yelps of desire. Thunderous Hurricanes combined with tsunami pelting debris. No escape but do I really want to leave?

Flecks of Gold descended from Heaven.

A Tool used well sculpts my being. Melting. Realigning internal tectonic plates.

Caverns long left abandoned and unexplored gave Praise to Adventurous Exploration. A Talented Prospector mapping out New roads within the promised land.

Waking up in cold sweats on hot humid summer nights. Sweat with nowhere to vaporize pooling from crown to feet connecting to underground reservoirs.

A thirsty land temporarily satiated.

Each Cycle Loops Continuity

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