Transformation Through Walking

Walking My Way to Wellness!

Roaming Urban Gypsy

Walking Transformation

The minimum steps on my Samsung Fitness App started at 6000 steps but today I decided to up the ante and increased my minimum steps to 7000.

My skin at age Sixty. This is what 60 looks like. No makeup. Just sweat.

Spoke with friends at Phoenix Community Garden located on Fulton Street and Rockaway Avenue in Brooklyn. They officially opened April 6th.

My All time Favorite Street Art Mural in Bushwick, Brooklyn!

People Absolutely Love this Mural. They stop to admire, take photos and discuss it. This is Outstanding Artwork!

Biggie Smalls and Alfred Hitchcock

One of My Favorite Writers from the Harlem Renaissance. Langston Hughes.

No I didn’t sample any of the ice cream since I’m lactose intolerant but from the description it sure sounds tasty.

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12 thoughts on “Transformation Through Walking

      1. Many Thanks. I also get my exercise and I drink Lots of Water. Plus I never smoked and only drank socially. If you take care of yourself when you are young you will look and feel better as you age.

      2. You’re Welcome. Darker skin People do have the advantage of not wrinkling until maybe we are well into our 80s. Even then many Black people especially those who take care of themselves have great skin. So Happy to be Dark and Lovely!

    1. Darker skin usually doesn’t wrinkle. Also I read that African skin is thicker. Meaning Black skin has extra layers of fat. However if I Live into my 80s eventually I will begin to lose muscle tone.

      Another factor for me is that I didn’t smoke, only drank socially and I drink Lots of water. And of course DNA and genetics plays a role.

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