Wayside Baptist Church 70th Anniversary

Calling for Art Supplies! Calling for Art Supplies! Wayside Baptist Church is having its 70th Anniversary in August. Yours truly is heading up the Art Show Committee.

This Art Show will Celebrate the Creativity of our Children. Therefore I’m seeking Art Supplies for children who range from 3 to 11 years old. We will be constructing drawings sketches, dioramas and Swag Bags. My goal is to also have a Raffle so our efforts will be self supported. And of course our kids need snacks. Must feed those youthful Creative minds.

Wayside Baptist Church does so much for the Brooklyn Community in terms of Free Food Giveaways on Wednesdays in conjunction with St. John’s Bread & Life. Wayside also distributes Free clothing on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Wayside Baptist Church
1746-60 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11207

Rev. Zidde Hamatheite, Pastor

Please Email me at deborah.palmer280@gmail.com for information on how to make financial donations via PayPal. Your Support is Greatly appreciated.

Thank you.