Happy Caturday Saturday

Happy Caturday Saturday from Sylvester the Tuxedo Court Jester and featuring Scruffy the Warrior kitty!

Roaming Urban Gypsy

Happy Caturday Saturday from Meowtown

Kinda like Motown but not as musical.

Usually in Spring we get a few feral Felines to our backyard. Earlier this year you met Pat the Calico Garden cat.

However Pat was extremely friendly and at ease with people unlike most feral cats. She was probably somebody’s house cat. We have not seen Pat for a while so either her owner found her or she was adopted. I miss Pat the Calico Garden cat but my prayers are that she is safe and sound in kind, considerate, caring and compassionate home.

Today I’m sharing photos of Scruffy. When Scruffy first came to visit she would be with Pat. And Scruffy really was scruffy. Her fur was every which way. However after daily consistent feeding Scruffy is now sleek and lovely.

Scruffy never allows me to pet her and runs if I get too close but…

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