27 thoughts on “Aretha Franklin, the undisputed Queen of Soul, dies at age 76

  1. Aww… I knew she was very ill and that her death was due, but this is sad news. She had one of the greatest voices, certainly in soul music. Perhaps I remeber best her queen like apperarance in The Blues Brothers, in wich the notion of ‘think’ got into another dimension.

    1. True. I saw her perform live at the Apollo theater many years ago. Sad for us but as I’ve heard it said during many funerals, She has gone from Labor to Reward. No more pain and suffering. Aretha Franklin is now part of the Heavenly choir.

      1. Well my Mom passed away in 1998 so her suffering is long over. The main point is that once you enter the Kingdom of God then there’s no more pain, sorrow, suffering or pain. You’re free and healed.

      1. Not really. Death is a release a relief when you have pancreatic cancer. The news didn’t bring me pain because I know that like my Mom Aretha Franklin is with the Lord. Death is deliverance especially if you watch a loved one suffering from pancreatic cancer. Trust me I’m a lot tougher than I admit. I’m not that sensitive about the past because you can’t change it. However I’m more sensitive to other people pain and suffering. Only holidays like Mother’s day and Christmas neither of which I celebrate bring to mind that your beloved family member is gone.

  2. this is so sad, her music, words and engagement in the community was very essential. She was an icon and star, May her soul rest in peace.

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