Silence is Golden ~~ Keep the Personal Private



Silence is Golden


On the advice of my Lawyers/Attorneys I am no longer allowed to discuss or respond to questions about my health or in regards to the incident that occurred in March.  Questions about my health or my eyesight will be deleted.


From Now on going forward this blog will not become a discussion of my eyesight or any other type of health issues.

My intention and goals are to post things that are informative, positive and uplifting.

As much as Possible I will do my best to avoid the topic of my personal health.

Truly this time No More Struggle Stories.  One has to know when to Shut up and Be Quiet!


As my parents used to tell me when I was a young girl,



“Don’t Put Your Business Out in the Street!”



Wisdom is keeping quiet about one’s challenges and giving it all to God!  Sharing is not caring!  I’ve learned the hard way that talking about certain issues will backfire on you every time!  So my mouth is shut and I keep personal and private challenges to myself, my lawyers and doctors!


In keeping with my policy of Silence Comments are Closed!!