Cheerful Cherry Blossom Trees

Cheerful Cherry Blossoms Blooming in Brooklyn!

Roaming Urban Gypsy

An American Hero!

Dr. Ronald McNair!

Cheerful Cherry Blossom Trees in Brooklyn

Here is a short video showcasing the Cherry Blossom trees alongside/beside the Brooklyn Museum

Cheerful Happy Joyful Cherry Blossom Trees and Flowers in Brooklyn!

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5 thoughts on “Cheerful Cherry Blossom Trees

    1. Thanks. True. Yes the Cherry Blossom blooms are gorgeous.
      Yesterday when my brother Stephen and I went to the American Museum of Natural History we also walked through the adjoining Theodore Roosevelt Park next to the museum and we were able to see Cherry Blossoms there also.

  1. These trees are so very pretty. I even like the pink carpet they provide when the petals fall. Thank you for the lovely tour, DeBorah.

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