Gentle Oracle ~~ Golden Grace



Wild Coily Auburn Crowning Glory soft woolly garlands flowing from and around her face, Gentle Oracle held up her Golden Goblet to gather Honey Glazed Luminescence  which dripped carelessly downward upon the imps, goblins, trolls, and gremlins that gathered round the Gentle Oracle with impatience.  All eager to sip, to lap to imbibe the Glimmer  Elixir that would Disrupt  the stagnation spell which degraded their DNA genetic molecular structure Depleting all that was good within replacing it with ugly Toxic  nature prone to evil and wicked acts upon  Forest Woods Kith and Kin.


It was only during the Rising and Setting  of the Two Moons could the Luminescence be successfully gathered for it was then that the Honey Glazed Gold was at its full power.  Our planet belonging to the LuneXor Solar System had no suns but had Two Moons one Ascending which provided sufficient light and warmth for all living beings and a Descending Moon which guided the night stars giving twinkling bursts of light to the night skies.




It became the mission of Our Luxurious  Radiant  Oracle Goddess to Thwart  the demonic spells of  the Underbeings invaders from a distant dying star who wish to take control of our fertile planes.  Underbeings went from planet to planet, solar system to solar system on the premise of Exploration  but actually seeking to absorb, confuse and contain each planets resources and when those resources were exhausted off they went on another path of destruction.

Initially disguised in a masquerade of peace and prosperity quickly drew in gullible nations who  Frantically  realized too late they had been duped by evil forces warped by blinding light.

They beings of a forgotten wasteland past and we beings with a golden resplendent future. . For we with the wisdom and guidance of our Kind Compassionate Gentle Oracle Goddess possessed the  Talisman  Key to Our Galaxies Akashic records which provided the Words of Life or Soul Realignment properties with the abilities to undo and render useless any forces of or by the Underbeings.  Providing Soul Level Healing.

Our Strong  Uncompromising Gentle Oracle Goddess was the wrinkle  in the devious plans of the Underbeings for She sprinkled the Elixir upon souls already good and inundated souls in error so that even the Underbeings were filled with Well-being, Goodness and Grace.