27 thoughts on “A look at Barack and Michelle Obama’s stunning, unique official portraits.

  1. I’m a little more fond of President Obama’s portrait than First Lady Michelle Obama’s. The background of President Obama’s seems to have more meaning than Michelle’s. It makes me think of Hawaii and kindness. It also portrays his calm intelligence.

    I would have loved to have seen a vegetable garden worked in to Michelle Obama’s portrait since healthier eating (fruits and veggies) was something she made a huge successful effort to promote. Certainly the portrait of Michelle is classy looking and portrays intelligence, which she is/has, but she’s also always been an extremely warm, down-to-earth, yet still strong individual. I don’t see the warmth in her portrait, despite the faint outline of a partial heart in her dress. Just my opinion. The artists can’t necessarily capture everything about this amazing couple.

    1. I had to read the article twice and I like President Barack Obama portrait better. I heard that there are hidden messages in her dress but I didn’t get it. Maybe if I could see the portraits up close I’d get a better understanding.

    1. True. Personally I like President Barack Obama portrait better but who am I to say. As long as they like the portraits what anyone else thinks does not matter. After working for the museum for ten years I’ve learned that art is subjective.

  2. I am opposite of the comment by updownflight –

    I think Obama’s head looks a little too big and his body willows away into the greens – and all those greens pull from a stately feel. His posture is weak and there is a little cartoon/comic effect on the face. The artist is genius – but the elements and composition I don’t like.
    And now Michelle’s is also a good rendition – powerful – but maybe the dress is too loud (even if symbolic) and the geometrics and patterns on white are stark contrast to the softness found in the organic green around Barack/.
    I think they do not pair well – and in my opinion that is sad because they were the dynamic duo and seem to pair so well in real life.
    but at the end of the day – the art is wonderful and that was just my opinion.

      1. I fully agree – and at the end of the day – I like the art for the art itself too – and for he originality – eh?
        and wishing you a nice week 🙂

  3. I like both. They look human and approachable instead of stiff and ‘formal’. I think they’ll both be remembered for their warmth and humanity.

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