No More Struggle Stories

No More Struggle Stories

No More Body Searches as the Nurse Regales her with You have insurance we’ll take you

No More Psychotropic Cocktails

No More Code Blue


No More Fear the Needle of Silence

She learned to make herself small as a shield of protection. Make herself small as a Banner against further mental mutilation

Smile. Be the Model Patient. Volunteer and Attend Group faithfully

The Door is Closed

Silence Reigns and the Scam Continues. Anxiety filled Nightmares peppered the landscape

Her Story has Ended.

For a deeper understanding of Her human condition She stopped fighting Her demons, made friends with them thereby throwing them off kilter. She found a way to make sense of a senseless situation.

When you know who and what you are it all fits together like a broken jigsaw puzzle with missing pieces.

She the misfit. One who is broken, flawed and filled with failures. She does not fit the boilerplate of success.

An Invisible One who slipped through the cracks. No pity. No platitudes. Waiting for answers to prayers.

Lying on a Bed of Roses. Surrounded by Thorns. Inside are Divine Perfumes and Aromas. Outside is a Cutthroat World.

She Bent down to Velcro her shoes, (no shoe strings allowed for fear of suicide attempts). As she bent toppling forth over into the Welcoming Arms of Gaia.

6 thoughts on “No More Struggle Stories

    1. The hospital scenes are partially based on my two week hospital stay on the mental ward back in March 2015. The way mental health professionals treat people of color and immigrants is abominable.

    1. Thanks. This is based on my two week hospital stay on the mental ward back in March 2015. Two weeks of hell which I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. The mental health system is broken. However they scared me so badly that I will never return.

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