Tanya from Montreal: Gifted and talented Artist 

Here is some more great, excellent, fabulous, outstanding Watercolor Artwork from my buddy Tanya! Ladies 50+ Please reach out to the young women in your community, your neighborhood and wherever the Spirit takes you. These young Women need your encouragement and support.

Remember Your Vibe attracts Your Tribe!!

Roaming Urban Gypsy

More beautiful gorgeous and wonderful Watercolors from Tanya from Montreal.


Today’s Forgiving Fridays: Loving My Inner 12-Year Old

Supporting and Uplifting Tanya from Montreal

My Artist buddy who displays her artwork at 14th street Union Square Subway station.

Tanya is seeking to rent a room in an area safe for young Ladies. If you have a reasonable price room close to Manhattan please email me at deborah.palmer280@gmail.com and I will contact Tanya. Thanks.

Working as a museum security guard I don’t have much to give but I always make sure that Tanya has a few dollars. Tanya has a spirit of Gratitude and Thankfulness. We now share emails about once a week.

Though I was never able to have children of my own I find that God often sends me young women of all races and faiths who need encouragement. Those of us who have passed that half century…

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