The Chatty Grim Reaper ~~ A Burning House Afire



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The Chatty Grim Reaper ~~ A Burning House Afire


My Crown Has Never Left Me



Khia ~~ She who was born out of time and out of season into a world she knew not. One that she did not recognize nor did recognize her. She searched her cerebral cache finding memories of another planet, distant galaxy, alternate solar systems from which she sprang. The Remembrances came rushing through her cortex like speeding bullet trains. She could make no sense of them nor could she put them in chronological order. Often the Recollection trains ran upside down and backwards.

Indigo. Indigo Child. Where are you?

Be at Peace for Resurrection is near.

The Swift Dromedary brings Occasions of Joy.

For My Crown has never left me.






VISCERAL Concave Convex Corners


Divergent Tangents

Reclusive and Elusive.  The Aura of Power EnGlobes her being.

The Goddess turns around The  Ones that are True. She dwells within an Elliptical Orbit. An Ellipsis upon the planet. A Comet speeding through space in slow motion.

Skeptic Septic voices:   The underling,  flunky, lackey, hanger-on, hireling, stooge, toady, sycophant

following Cursed Pallid Deformed One was like a Flotilla following a well oiled whale.

Twitchery henchmen & vassals 

Here is where Khia meet Rhyan. Rhyan whose deathly pallor threatened to impale Khia upon sacred spear for she knew Khia was the sent one. The One who would cast Rhyan and her hirelings into Outer Darkness an exile of wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Lightening ushered forth from out of the ground, a phenomenon that startled Rhyan long enough for Khia to engage her powers. Khemet sat in the Heavens watching the entire exchange.  Ready to answer the call. Clutching the power green crystal.

Strange plants began sprouting of the ground. Extra terrestrial super vegetation consisting of typically short plants with long narrow leaves, growing wild or cultivated on pasture, odd seed pods appeared strays from regurgitated bird food from winters long past that decided to grow.

These grassy reeds once summoned grew forth and multiply engulfing surrounding wild meadows. Roots spread like a little Army.  Reedy Battalions lurking within the ground, awaiting Resurrection. Climbing writhing Dodder  Cuscata Kudzu. Meandering filthy parasitic plants which engulf gatherers, silencing their voices contagious to Flora, Fauna, Animals and Humans. Stitching out their wicked feelers causing Ossification where ever they land.

Palnoor and Palsot in the Guise of Trillionths?

Do my eyes deceive me? Is this just an   Ocular Delusion? Ah Yes. I have entered the Wheel of Time.

Were they photographs or living moving pictures. As each person viewed the photos they added to the story bringing the tale to mythical proportions.

True misanthropes of the sleaze and the flea circus.


The battle for the Garden of Possibilities had just begun.

Here on the Battlefield of Mercy Warriors fought. Wait for the Khemetic Voice.
































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